Introducing: TaxCaddy


For years, you’ve trusted BKM Sowan Horan to provide tax and accounting services and expert guidance. As in previous years, we are providing you with a software solution that simplifies tax time and reduces your tax season stress. The solution is called TaxCaddy.

TaxCaddy makes it easier for you to gather and submit your 1040 tax documents securely, communicate with your tax professional, answer your electronic questionnaire, and electronically sign documents such as your e-file authorization.


Here’s what you can expect (starting now):

  • Electronic submission of tax documents by taking pictures with the TaxCaddy mobile app, uploading files, or manually entering information.
  • Linking of your financial institution’s tax documents for automatic upload to your Tax Caddy account (optional)
  • Organization of tax documents. Your account will list everything that you provided in your prior-year return so you can keep track of what you still need to submit.
  • One place that houses all your tax returns and associated documents for years to come.
  • Direct contact with your BKM Sowan Horan tax professional through TaxCaddy’s messaging features.


Here’s How to Get Started

1. Connect – You have already received an invitation to create your TaxCaddy account. Log in to your TaxCaddy account, navigate to the Overview screen, and click the Accept Connection button to establish a connection with BKM Sowan Horan.

2. Add Authorized Users – To provide access to your spouse or others, click your name in the top right corner and then Settings. Click Additional User Account and enter their information. They will receive an invitation email to create a linked account with the same steps you have already completed.

3. Download & Use the TaxCaddy Mobile App – The TaxCaddy mobile app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. It provides a convenient way to access your information and communicate with us directly from your mobile phone.

4. Provide Your Tax Information – In your TaxCaddy account you’ll find a Tax Questionnaire and a Document Request List. PROVIDE DOCUMENTS BY:

  • Setting up “Smart Links” with your financial institutions to automatically retrieve tax documents. As documents become available, they will be automatically retrieved and placed in your TaxCaddy account.
  • Photo scanning the document with the TaxCaddy mobile app.
  • Uploading files.
  • Manually entering form information.

5. Complete the Questionnaire – Provide answers to the Questionnaire by navigating to the TaxCaddy Questionnaire.

6. Request Support – If you have questions about TaxCaddy, call your BKM Sowan Horan tax professional. If you have technical questions about your TaxCaddy account or you’re experiencing trouble accessing your account (e.g., if you forgot your password), the TaxCaddy support team is just an email away.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions.