Federal Tax Services

Our clients should not pay more taxes than is required. We assist our clients by focusing on tax planning. Our discussions with clients involve the overarching business and not just the numbers. We listen to business owners to help them determine the best strategies to minimize income tax liabilities.

Our specialized areas of guidance include:

  • Choice of entity
  • Ownership changes and impacts on net operating loss carryforwards (Section 382) and built-in gain analyses
  • Identification of potential errors in interest and penalties calculations
  • Allocation of partnership income
  • IRS audit representation
  • Qualification and election of Sub S corporation status
  • Initial set up, restructures and termination of entities
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Operating in foreign jurisdictions

Interest and penalty notices and calculations received by taxpayers from the IRS are complicated and have the potential to be incorrect. Dealing with the IRS to address computational issues can be difficult and frustrating. We have extensive experience working with the IRS and an in-depth knowledge of statutory and regulatory rules and IRS procedures. In addition we can review the interest and penalty computations as they relate to uncertain tax positions (FIN 48).