Financial Statement Audit

Our audit methodology is not based on a “one size fits all” concept. Our auditors are well-equipped to perform audits of the financial statements of companies of varying sizes and complexities, including integrated audits of internal controls over financial reporting when required. The methodology contemplates team-based audit service delivery and allows alternative approaches depending on client circumstances, professional judgment and audit team input. We make enhancements to our audit methodology on a regular basis as a result of new standards, emerging auditing issues or implementation experiences.

The audit planning of our audits of the financial statements of public reporting companies seeks to maximize the efficiency from achieving the desired effectiveness of a company’s internal control over financial reporting in the integrated audit.

Our auditors possess industry experience in several key industries that benefit the audit process. Our professionals are experienced in the construction, natural resources, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing & distribution, not-for-profit, professional services, real estate, settlement trusts and technology industries. The overall client relationship benefits from the depth of industry experience.