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EP35: Transcription – Net Operating Losses and Your Business

Radio Host: Alright it’s 8:14.  Rick Sowan and Daniele Cunningham in the studio from BKM Sowan Horan. Good to see you man. I’m glad that you are here today. I mean not that I don’t like seeing Daniele, I mean it’s kind of nice to see you as well.
Rick Sowan: Thank you.
Radio Host: We’ll, talk about that plus in the break before we came on I was asking which fast food restaurant have the quickest drive thru. You know okay and think about that for a second. And you have a chance to guess. You have a choice and answer?
Daniele Cunningham: I have something in mind but I don’t need fast food. We were recently buying fast food for someone that is a fast food fanatic.
Radio Host: So what do you think what company has. Do you have a guess?
Daniele Cunningham: I’ve been to several and I know the one that we went to all the time because it was the fastest.
Radio Host: QSR result is out and we’ll find out who has the quickest drive thru. It might take you a little bit longer to get to this one place. 8:15 stick around we’ll come right back. You are listening to 620AM KEXB your experts in business. We’ll see you in a few.
Radio Host: I don’t know why that intro just makes me giggle. I don’t know what it is, yeah it just makes me laugh, which is great! Welcome back! 8:19 DFW Business Today, I’m Brian Glenn. Hanging out in the studio with Rick Sowan, BKM Sowan Horan and Daniele Cunningham with BKM Sowan Horan and on the phone now is former Stars goalie, Marty Turco is now with the C5 Youth Foundation Texas. Good morning!
Marty Turco: Yeah! Good morning! How are you doing?
Radio Host: Daniele is telling me you guys are just hanging out yesterday together.
Marty Turco: We were. We like the mornings.
Radio Host: Hahahaha. That’s a good thing.
Marty Turco: Yeah, now they put on a wonderful leadership practice and it’s at the great Stonebriar Country Club of Francisco where things were moving and shaking. Things in North Texas a lot  things move and shake these days which is why I’m happy to go in the phone with you all.
Radio Host: It’s a good place to be in here in North Texas, it really is. I was talking to some friends over the weekend in Indianapolis and they were saying “men we hear a lot of good stuff about this town called Frisco.” And I was like yeah, “I know it pretty well.” Umm, making things happen, before we get into your event coming up in this conversation, I wanna get you on the line. QSR’s survey is out on the fastest, quickest drive thrus in the fast food world and I don’t know if you consume a lot of fast food. I saw you last time you were in here, you a pretty healthy guy, I’m not sure you hit the drive thru that often. No?
Marty Turco: Looks sometimes can be deceiving. . . you are being on I can’t say I’ve been through fast food. I can’t tell lots that I went to.
Radio Host: Alright real quickly, a little survey around the room Michael, I’ll start with you Rick. Rick what do you think is on the top list as far as what fast food companies. And you put your coffee companies in there it’s had the fastest drive thru.
Rick Sowan: McDonald’s.
Daniele Cunningham: McDonald’s.
Radio Host: Michael?
Michael: He’s said Dunkin’ Donuts.
Radio Host: Okay Michael you?
Michael: I’d say Chick-Fil-A is pretty fast.
Radio Host: Dunkin’ Donuts came in at number one. The fastest Drive thru with an average. . .
Daniele Cunningham: You knew Michael. You knew.
Michael: I didn’t know but Marty said Dunkin’ Donuts. Marty said it.
Radio Host: With reaction time of 181.03 seconds is the average wait time at a Dunkin’ Donuts. Coming in at number two was Burger King, number three KFC and number four was McDonald’s. So McDonald’s fared pretty well up there. Go down the list to Chick-Fil-A. Chic-Fil-A came in seventh over in the top ten 257 seconds the average wait. Coming in at dead last on this, this is really surprising to me is Starbucks. Almost 300 seconds per order. When you think about it look what they are making. They are making a very intricate product I mean … and if I get behind somebody that has like 3 no whip, no chip, skinny fat macchiato whatever. That’s gonna take a little bit time to make. So I wanna imagine that’s … and I’m always behind that girl and it’s a girl who’s ordering that stuff by the way, not to be sexist, it just is. Now how accurate is this order? Who comes in the top price for having not only to order fast but have it accurate. What’s your guess?
Rick Sowan: Chick-Fil-A.
Daniele Cunningham: McDonald’s.
Michael: Accuracy? Who’s the most accurate?
Radio Host: Yes.
Michael: It’s gotta be Whataburger . . .
Radio Host: Marty?
Marty Turco: Umm . . . Arby’s.
Radio Host: You know what, you are pretty good on this although actually Carl’s Jr. came in at number one. With a 96.7% accuracy rate. But in Chick-Fil-A came in second with 94%. McDonald’s was fourth with 92%, Dunkin’ Donuts was down at 86%.
Michael: Hahaha. They will get it to you fast but they won’t get you the right thing.
Radio Host: Hahahaha. You are getting something, but you are not really getting what you want. But you are getting something. Dead last was Wendy’s at 85%. Starbucks was eighth on this list so once again. But, that is always people complaining is this almond milk? I’m sorry it’s whole milk. Oh, well then I just can’t drink that. So you are getting that kind of deal ..
Daniele Cunningham: I’m lactose intolerant.
Radio Host: I’m lactose intolerant. But anyway I’ll put this list up on our Facebook page I thought that was a fun talker because we all with exception Daniele hit drive thrus. I think I live in at the drive thru. Alright, Marty Turco explain to us you’ve got this event coming up. Let’s talk about it.
Marty Turco: Yeah. I’d love to. Next Thursday on October 13th we are having an awesome event downtown, at the governor street, Lofty Spaces. We finally figured it out and yes we are calling game-changing teams building our future events and you know who doesn’t wanna be around the future you know the millennials these kids more importantly the trans that are happening in the technology world are a buzz. Things  that are happening changing how we live our lives. I never thought we’d have touch screen phones and now the updates that we use on the daily basis it’s just insane. Well, the people who get most are these kids and we want all these kids to come for free, all these teens next week at 5 o’clock. Yeah anybody can go to to get all the information that goes for sponsorship that goes to just getting a ticket and for teens who need to register, they are gonna come at 5 o’clock free to check out on this awesome technology that you know is really shaping our world and how we live. You gonna see some robotics and stuff. CAD, the Dallas Society of Play is gonna be there showing off the latest and greatest. Even ask them SMU Hall Group is gonna be showing us some really cool stuff so you know eventually we are gonna have a speakers’ panel that is absolutely amazing that they can put together. Paul Raines is gonna head this thing. He’s the GameStop CEO and GameStop is doing great things not only technology wise and putting games that are so creative in front of us that are really changing the landscape in their genre but more importantly they also understand the future of the kids they do wonderful things in our community surrounds North America for kids. The founder of Google Earth Michael Jones is also gonna be there. All these panel giving some wonderful insights to his technology, how things got laid out for him Dr. Rong Li, the World-Renowned Cancer Scientist is also gonna be in the panel. So there’s  gonna be some really interesting discussion and most is centered around technology and how we are shaping our future. We want the future to be here with our teens and certainly we wanna raise . . .continue to raise awareness and fun for C5 Texas that is amazing 5 year leadership group that gets  kids around NorthTexas and Central Texas through the tough years of high school and up to college and get them to be just wonderful people and more or less continue to polish them and let them go off and shine but this event next week you can just go to and you’ll be able to get all the information sign up. Teens, again it’s free so we encourage everybody to come out fill out this space and you can get this information. Just check it out online you got all the info.
Radio Host: There you go. Marty Turco is joining us on the phone with C5 Youth Foundation Texas. Good stuff there and of course you know you guys always team up with organizations like these. It’s important to you guys.
Daniele Cunningham: Well, C5 is one of our clients. So we always like to support our clients and what they are doing in the community and also kind of give them the chance to you know share our platform of you know any of the event, any of the organizations such as the Frisco Chamber of Commerce breakfast you know having them in to you know talk about what they do. And what get’s them up in the morning and then you you know sharing our radio station time so that we can get more people aware of what’s going on and how they can help support the organizations.
Rick Sowan: Well, you know what,  I thought yesterday was a good example of allowing C5 to be able to tell their story to CEOs of North Texas and because these kids need the opportunity for employment you know if C5 is successful in getting these kids through their program and through their end of high school and into college, these are gonna be pretty outstanding kids and so they are gonna make future companies very successful employees and so we are telling that story to CEOs in North Texas because they need to be involved with C5 as well because this is a platform and this is gonna affect their future employment needs.
Radio Host: Absolutely. When these kids come out of college they kind of recognize where they are coming from, they understand the story
Rick Sowan: And HEB is a big supporter of C5 is recognize that and works very closely with C5 and internship opportunities for some of the young kids that are getting through the program because they recognize these kids are pretty extraordinary.
Daniele Cunningham: They are star quality.
Radio Host: Yeah, they are star quality and I love HEB by the way.
Rick Sowan:  You know, I’m sure that they would welcome other opportunities to be able to.
Radio Host: Alright,we  gotta take a break. We’ll come back and continue with our conversation. Hey Marty thanks for calling in my friend . . .
Marty Turco: Hey, thanks for the time. Looking out for C5.
Radio Host: And go Stars right?
Marty Turco: Yeah, yeah. Jamie Benn played last night, he’s back and healthy it was an awesome. but go Stars and go C5!
Radio Host: Yeah I wanna get you back on as we get into the season talk a little hockey. Hockey talk Marty Turco every Wednesday morning.
Daniele Cunningham: Thanks for coming on Marty.
Rick Sowan: Thanks Marty!
Marty Turco: Thank you all.
Radio Host: Thanks bud. Alright we gotta take a break we’ll come back with Rick and Daniele in the studio plus we have some other business needs I wanna get to. Give us a call 214-787-1160. If you got a question for our good buddy Rick Sowan we’ll see you in a few.
Radio Host: Ooh! Good stuff. Marty Turco. Goooooaaaal! Oh that’s soccer. That’s soccer.
Michael: It’s a little bit different and I think that’s trademark too you are gonna get sued. Yeah you can’t do that.
Radio Host: You can’t say that. I don’t need to get sued. I’ve only been sued once and I lost, in a small claims court. Yeah he scored on me. The guy well I was in the dry cleaning business and I didn’t take it and tag it if I would, I would have rejected it or have him sign a waiver. Fell apart he came to me threw at my counter it was all about the approach. See, I would have paid that guy right there at the counter if he would have come to me in a very diplomatic way and said you know something happened you seemed to ruin my suit, I’m sorry, no he comes in and throws it at me walks out says he’s gonna sue me. So then I thought back at the door and I said go ahead and do it. I have fans here in court and then surely I got served and I went to court and I lost. Paid the guy like a nickel or something I don’t know. Those were the days. Anyway welcome back everybody, Rick Sowan and Daniele Cunningham from BKM Sowan Horan are in the studio.
Michael: What’s the good contact number for you guys. We haven’t given out the 800 number you got.
Radio Host: Yeah you got an 800 number on that. So actually I have it right here, it’s one of those vanity numbers. . .
Michael: 855. . .
Daniele Cunningham: 545-4CPA.
Radio Host: 4CPA. I like that. One of these vanities like special numbers. Okay let’s talk Martha Stewart real quickly. I know, I know . . .
Michael: Why?
Radio Host: Why, because I’m telling you she’s paid a price.
Michael: Speaking of tax evasion, let’s talk Martha Stewart.
Daniele Cunningham: No. She did something else.
Radio Host: In the public court of opinion she said something else which I think grilled her more than taxes, but you can now buy for Thanksgiving Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving dinner in a box.  I’m all on this thing.
Rick Sowan: Wow.
Radio Host: It comes with a turkey, stuffing and all these specialty things that she’s known for all comes together, it can feed up to  8 to 10 people including a 12 to 14 pound of free range turkey so this is not some normal little cage turkey. It’s free free range turkey, it’s like a big dinner party all wrapped up in a box.
Daniele Cunningham: Okay, let’s guess how much this is.
Radio Host: I’m looking for that because that’s an important part of all this.
Daniele Cunningham: What do you guess Rick?
Rick Sowan: $250.
Radio Host: You kind of close. The full meal kit with the turkey is priced at $179.
Rick Sowan: That’s a bargain.
Daniele Cunningham: That’s a bargain I would do that.
Radio Host: But you can opt to just get the side dishes for $119.
Michael: And this feeds how many?
Radio Host: But most people spend according to analysts 50 bucks on the turkey itself. So you know I’m in $179 a month of stewart stuff? You know it’s gonna be good. I’m in.
Daniele Cunningham: And I think it’s a genius idea that she’s tapping into that what is it blue box or those meals that come in a box type of a deal. Now does this come packed in nice?  . ..
Radio Host: Comes frozen expected you gotta order by November 15th and it will come frozen on a Saturday before Thanksgiving and the rest of the box is to be slated that Tuesday and Wednesday so they send you the turkey first and the rest of the stuff comes afterwards so I guess they give you time to thought out whatever you need to do for but hey I think it’s pretty cool. According to the American Firm Bureau Federation, the average Thanksgiving dinner costs $50.11 that’s what the average person spends on…
Daniele Cunningham: A lot of people though they really enjoy the process.
Radio Host: Yeah I don’t wanna cleanup. I’m a paper plate white trash kind of guy. And it would never fly in my house because my wife once said very, it’s very staged, it’s very traditional.
Michael:  And by the way, before the insider trade-in Stewart was forced to pay $220,000 in back taxes for tax evasion.
Radio Host: How much?
Michael: $220,000.
Radio Host: That’s nothing.
Michael: For her it’s not new.
Rick Sowan: For her it’s nothing.
Daniele Cunningham: It was probably just an oversight. It wasn’t intentional.
Rick Sowan: She went to the big house.
Daniele Cunningham: Wasn’t that for lying? That was for lying.
Michael: That was free insider trade in. Yeah.
Rick Sowan: She went to the big house.
Michael: It’s nothing compare to Wesley Snipes or Willie Nelson Nelson and Nicholas Cage.
Radio Host: But I say this she went on Comedy Central’s Celebrity roast? Celebrity roast or whatever? They got her good. I mean that was enough punishment there. It was brutal to watch. Umm, we’ve been talking about net operating loss and really the legal ways of going about it and kind of retroactively collecting on taxes that Obama put in place which I actually like that I get the small chamber of commerce with this small business?
Rick Sowan: Yes. They were a very big proponents of that in the financial crisis because they knew the law was very limited it only I forgot if it was one year or two years but maybe no years and  so Obama changed the law so that businesses could carry the loss back three years which from 2008 back to 2005 that was … pretty good year I mean the economy was pretty decent. You know everything seemed to be rolling along so a lot of people paid a lot of taxes and they were able to go back and recover those taxes when they incurred losses in 2008.
Radio Host: There you go.
Rick Sowan: So nothing wrong with that.
Radio Host: Nothing wrong with that. Okay now let’s kind of look at the other taxes that one could be expected to pay.
Daniele Cunningham: Or for other taxes. What are the other taxes that are still ongoing?
Rick Sowan:  The ongoing taxes that are anybody that doesn’t own real estate let’s leave the ownership of real estate out. We were talking about this with some people that are interested in trying to help small businesses get off the ground and understand that these people that are starting small businesses still have to pay sales tax which is an 8.25% tax. And if you are making $30,000 or you are not making a lot of money 8.5%  is a lot of money to pay on your nonfood purchases so that’s a very regressive tax to somebody that’s trying to start a business trying to get off the ground of or some new concept but they are also paying self-employment taxes and also which is terribly regressive tax and the lowest income people are paying both of those taxes and that adds up to almost 16% before you even earn a dollar. So there’s a lot of money.
Radio Host: There’s a lot of money that’s . . .
Rick Sowan: And I’d like to cap you know one of the things we talked about yesterday with the women’s initiative that is getting off the ground here in North Texas to help women start businesses here in North Texas is how to address that issue with city governments as well as other economic development corporations to help look at opportunities to possibly give summer leave from sales tax, the sales tax burden on new businesses and starting new businesses.
Daniele Cunningham: Interesting.
Radio Host: Yeah, it is interesting. And I was just the other day and this is not really off a completely different subject but it is, the automobile, how much tax is paid on just the car? The registration you buy it. . .  I mean it is one gigantic tax magnet going the other road.
Rick Sowan: I mean when you buy a car you pay 6.25% percent on that so that’s significant.
Radio Host: Yeah. There you go. Alright, if you got a question for Rick or anything, actually if you listen to us and you are like you know what, this guy is pretty sleek. This guy knows this stuff. The best way to get a hold of these guys is you can simply go on to via the website it’s got all the stuff on here then of course you can  call them on that Vanity 800 number Daniele I’ll let you fill that out. . .
Daniele Cunningham: 855-545-4CPA.
Radio Host: There you go. Just that easy. Good stuff here. Very timely, very relevant to what people are talking about in the news I had even said Apple had a net operating loss not too long ago people saw this is not out of the ordinary to lose money in business especially real estate.
Rick Sowan: Especially in real estate.
Radio Host: Especially in real estate anyway. Alright we’ll take a break Michael we’ve got the event that went on was it last weekend?
Michael: It’s this past weekend yeah.
Radio Host: This past weekend I wish I could go on to that.
Michael: Yeah you were out of town.
Radio Host: I was out of town. I really wanted to go there. We’ll recap that in just a few minutes we come back you are listening to 620AM KEXB your experts in business. Give us a few we’ll come right back.
Radio Host: Alright welcome back. What did you do this past weekend? Michael?
Michael: I slept. . .
Radio Host: I know. I’m asking this question because you and I both missed out on a wonderful event. I wish I could have gone to this event. It’s called Dîner en Blanc did I say that right?
Karen: Yes you did!
Radio Host: Nice. I got Karen Rapport on the phone with me. I am so sad I missed this I was out of town but please give me a recap of this wonderful event.
Karen: Okay, so the night of September 30th last Friday night we had 2400 dal sites gather on the plaza of city hall to enjoy and all dress all in white dinner party. The event location is always secret until the very last second so people actually meet at about you know we bus them in across the city. We burst the in and at the last second they are surprised at where the event is held. You know we have guessing Klyde Warren reunion that kind of thing.
Radio Host: You had strategically kind of make this pick up points not even near the final destination obviously because  people would I guess they figured it out like last year correct me if I’m wrong it was on the Margaret Hunt Bridge? Was it there?
Karen: That’s right. It’s actually on the Continental Avenue pedestrian bridge which runs parallel so…
Radio Host: Okay. Wonderful. Yeah very cool. Alright so did you say 2400 people?
Karen: Yes. It was a massive group. Do you believe it?
Radio Host: No. Okay so people show up they got white, what kind of food, is it the whole. .  . what are we serving here?
Karen: Yeah, that was so neat. A pop up picnic so everybody brings their own table, their own chairs, and within 45 minutes it goes from an empty space to this elegant dinner party because it’s not paper plates and disposable but it’s literally you China from home, beautiful glassware from home. Everybody can either bring their food or order from our caterer and then champagne. We had champagne this year and Gallup wine from the East ridge as well. So it’s an elegant dinner party that happened.
Radio Host: I would probably go with some wine and cheese.
Karen: Gouda cheese.
Radio Host: Yeah, some Gouda cheese. Little bit of wine.
Karen: Oh yeah! Even cheese and crackers are very elegant, you know sort of like an end of summer. Good bite of summer.
Radio Host: It is a good bite of summer.
Karen: It was. It was. It’s an amazing event. I mean people try to bring their creativity because we have a best dressed table contest. And Fashion contest so you would not believe what people come wearing. This one guy had a costume jacket made with sequence with the letters ‘D’, ‘E,’ ‘B’ on the back. I mean it’s like laying your most creative foot forward.
Radio Host: Yeah. There you go. Karen Rapport from Dîner en Blanc. I hope I said that correctly.
Karen: Dîner en Blanc yes.
Radio Host: There you go I’m very white.
Michael: So are French people.
Radio Host: There you go. Okay so next year do you have any . . . I mean who comes up with the ideas of what we gonna put in this thing?
Karen: The host. So my partners and I got a little bit of wine with the hosts in Dallas and so we scout out all the fun locations and end up picking our favorite.
Radio Host: I’ve got one. 6400 North Belt Line Road.
Karen: What’s that?
Radio Host: That’s where we are sitting right now. Guess we had to do that.
Karen: Hahhaha. And you fit 3000?
Radio Host: No.
Michael: No.
Karen: That’s gonna get…
Radio Host: BKM Sowan Horan…
Michael: In the office.
Karen: I think it’s a better plan for you to attend.
Radio Host: Yeah next year I promise I will. We appreciate you coming on. Now does this benefit any charity or cause or raise awareness for anything?
Karen: You know what it’s not a nonprofit charity. But you know what it is? It’s an awesome gift to our city. Now when you think just about human fact guys or what the police officers and that violence and hate that goes into something like that we are particularly proud of the diversity of this event. I mean we had all races, religions, age groups and there’s something just beautiful about people coming together in love, and in celebration. We don’t make a lot of money in this event it’s run by a hundred volunteers so nobody is really . . . it’s not meant to be profitable, it’s not commercial, it’s really giving back a beautiful cultural event to our city and we are extremely proud of that.
Radio Host: There you go.
Karen: It’s an amazing thing to be part of. I mean just looking around the elegance and seeing people who’ve spent six months just getting the right outfit. You know moving to recipes to have that elegant food. I mean how often in the U.S. do we really dine? You know really taking an hour and a half to sit and enjoy one another and talk. You know we don’t know how to dine in the U.S. anymore we kind of grab on the go and substitute in our mouth and we forget the celebratory party.
Radio Host: That’s true. Alright we certainly appreciate your time. We appreciate you time this morning and we’ll be looking for the invitation for next year.
Karen: You’ve got it guys. We hope to see you there.
Radio Host: Alright there you go. Karen Rapport, from Dîner en Blanc.
Michael: I think you got that right there.
Radio Host: See once I got in the character I nailed it right?
Michael: Sure.
Radio Host: I’m just too white for that.
Michael: Diner en blanc.
Radio Host: Dîner en Blanc. Umm, sounds like fun dress all up in white go do all that stuff.
Michael: I would like to go with my peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches?
Radio Host: Yeah. I would be . . . No, no, no. I’m with you.
Michael: That’s my personality sorry. That’s what I’m bringing.
Radio Host: I mean you are dressed in white. So you can’t have something too messy.
Michael: You would think so.
Radio Host: Alright Rick. What do we got?
Rick Sowan: Just one last thought to our listeners about a lot of discussion about cyber security and parking you know some recent revelations about the hacking of The Clinton Foundation and just wanna make few reminders to people that are holding sensitive data on their laptops their computer systems to make sure that what people fall down on is they use the same password which is probably a very common problem out in the world about protecting information. So I encourage people to use different passwords for their information that they lock on their computers but also to get rid of files that aren’t necessary, you know when we used to have paper files, we used to go through our files and we used to throw away things that we didn’t want. People don’t do that with electronic files and that tends to be very dangerous because if they hang on to things they could be used against them at some point in the future. So encourage people to go through their files and delete and purge unnecessary information just like you used to do when you set paper information. And also when you are using in airports and you are using public Wi-Fi  just realize that people that want to have the ability to look on to everything that you are doing on your computer.
Radio Host: Absolutely.
Rick Sowan: And actually in there so you use public Wi-Fi you are carrying sensitive information just realize that you’ve just opened up your computer to somebody that wants to have access to it.
Radio Host: Yeah, we got Cognac Gate coming on. We talked about that quite a bit and I tell you open yourself up to these Wi-Fi networks.
Rick Sowan: Yep. And then so we all carry sensitive information we all have to be careful with that information so.
Daniele Cunningham: I don’t use those public Wi-Fi networks. I have on my phone the ability to toggle with the hot spot you know turn that on and then I can have whether it’s my iPad or laptop. Yeah, so there’s no need for me to go outside of my ecosystem.
Radio Host: Hahahaha! I’ve never heard explain their ecosystem. Daniele’s got an ecosystem over there.
Daniele Cunningham: Technology.
Radio Host: That is a good point. And that’s very important especially with all the documents. I’m thinking about what I have on my laptop here. And not that it’s that highly secretive but I’ve got some stuff on here. I don’t need it anymore. No longer is it useful to me so I’m need to get rid of it. Good stuff there. Umm, looking at an announcement and I don’t know this is just something I came across on CNN. The U.S. government has just announced they wanna push an end to traffic fatalities by 2046. Let me just read that, “The government wants to put an end to traffic fatalities by 2046.”
Michael: So how are they gonna get…
Radio Host: I don’t know. That’s one of the stories you read and you go how in the world are you gonna stop traffic fatalities?
Michael: Even if they said nobody can own a car anymore and the government had all government owned property that was automatically controlled…
Radio Host: Is it they are gonna make these cars like they … like they are just gonna be like . . .
Daniele Cunningham: What about pedestrians?
Radio Host: I don’t understand. Anyway I thought that was just a really a weird… I’m gonna get into this story…
Michael: It’s not weird it’s ignorant.
Daniele Cunningham: Things that make you go “Huh!”
Radio Host: It is. The government they can’t . . . the government can’t solve everything even though they think they can. They want you to believe they can. They can’t. But I know who can solve your accounting problems.
Rick Sowan: That’s it.
Radio Host: That’s Rick Sowan.
Rick Sowan: Call us.
Radio Host: There you go. Cool people!
Daniele Cunningham: 855-545-4CPA.
Radio Host: You know they’ve been on the show for quite a while now and I will say this, they are the real deal Michael. They are as good people, good business. I mean every week they have somebody that they’ve connected with in our community so they reach out. They don’t just talk the talk they walk the walk.
Rick Sowan: Thank you.
Daniele Cunningham: Nice.
Radio Host: Uhh, big day plan for you? Just meetings?
Rick Sowan: Yes. Actually I’m actually going to the Bush Library for a meeting so I’m looking forward to that this afternoon which is why I’m dressed in this suit. So yeah got some work to do today.
Radio Host: How about you Daniele?
Daniele Cunningham: You know I have a few meetings. And wrapping up with follow up things from some of the events that we’ve been a part of for the last few weeks and so…
Radio Host: Nice. I got a meeting with my boss. The show’s over. No, it’s all good. Michael what are you gonna do the rest of the day?
Michael: I don’t have any time to tell you.
Radio Host: There you go. Alright we’ll see you back here tomorrow. Take it easy.

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