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EP37: Transcription

Radio Host: We are back that is some great music to intro this segment. Come on rally around! Come on guys rally around! It’s all about philanthropy. There you go! Daniele Cunningham joining me from BKM Sowan Horan, good morning.
Daniele Cunningham: Good morning.
Radio Host: I was just commenting on your makeup looking so good.
Daniele Cunningham: Oh! Thank you very much.
Radio Host: It does. Looks really nice. Yeah I notice things like that.
Daniele Cunningham: Well, being in broadcasting…
Radio Host: I’m very metrosexual I guess you can say. That term that was thrown away in the 90’s.
Daniele Cunningham: And I was looking at your haircut. It’s looks very, very dapper.
Radio Host: Apparently I lost a bet. I like that. We are talking about the old clichés, like if your hoods up on your car …having car problems?
Daniele Cunningham: Hanger in the window? Lock yourself out.
Radio Host:  Lock yourself out. I love those. It’s pretty funny. So yes I did get a haircut and she did cut a little bit too short Michael you are right.
Michael: I think I was just playing with you.
Radio Host: But what’s funny about that is I remember going to a non-normal girl. I went to another girl and I think my attitude when I came in there was a little off and she buzz like a little Chihuahua.
Daniele Cunningham: Was it just your always your attitude towards her or was just generally speaking?
Radio Host: I think I put too much pressure on her I was like this is what I don’t want and make sure you don’t do this and so I think she was like… and it was horrible. So I don’t know why.
Michael: Our boss here had a haircut like that one time and he came here he was pretty…
Daniele Cunningham: Well the thing about it is your hair will grow back.
Radio Host: It will grow back and thank God after I got that bad haircut up on to myself let’s just keep it  on perspective, I’m alive and my hair is growing. That’s should be thankful. BKM Sowan Horan great sponsor here on the show our official accounting experts on the show. But one of the things that we always talk about is the involvement with the community.
Daniele Cunningham: And you know we definitely have a lot of things that we try to support with regard to our clients and then also the firm as a whole. And the firm as a whole, we were looking for an organization that we could rally around and make a difference. And so we did some research and there’s terrific organizations out there that are really, really big. You know you can look at the at Habitat for Humanity and those are all great organizations but we kind of felt like since we were a young accounting firm we are six years old and then we have a demographic that’s really pretty diverse and young as well that we are looking for in an organization that will kind of be a match for use from that standpoint and Dwell with Dignity is about six years old as well and it’s one where we could join in and put forth our efforts, our time and our financial support and make a difference and make a significant difference and have and impact and get involved. So one of our partners Trey Kennedy, he joined the board and is very active in those endeavors and then I joined the advisory board so we definitely are all in.
Radio Host: Let’s talk about what they do though. Let’s kind of go in because a lot of people may not know what Dwell with Dignity does.
Daniele Cunningham: You know Dwell with Dignity goes into situations where families have come through hardships whether it’s financial difficulties that have put them in situations where they are homeless or whether they’ve come from abused situations or but they team with  about ten plus maybe a dozen organizations that work with people in transition and these could be Interfaith Housing, Genesis Women’s Shelter, those kinds of organizations. And those folks that have worked with these clients that they call them. These people have been through a year of their programs whether they are living in their shelters and such and once they’ve graduated from those programs which take about a year in length they prepare them for the next phase in their life and when they get their first apartment, they have their first and last month’s rent and then they move into an apartment and then it’s empty and they might have a blow up mattress.
Radio Host: Just a little basic stuff yeah.
Daniele Cunningham: Very basic. And there is a type of why they are very happy to achieve that yet it’s kind of a depressing situation so Dwell goes in and helps them. Gives them a boost up, kicks it out with furniture, with basic living, utensils in the kitchen, in the bathroom and where they can literally walk in and start living.
Radio Host: And start living. We’ve actually got the executive director Lisa Nelson on the phone with us. Good morning Lisa?
Lisa Nelson: Good morning!
Daniele Cunningham: Good morning Lisa!
Lisa Nelson: Good morning Daniele! I love Daniele’s make up. You always look fabulous.
Daniele Cunningham: Thank you.
Radio Host: And she’s always dressed nice. Umm, you guys had a phenomenal day with the national giving day last week?
Daniele Cunningham: North Texas Giving Day last week right?
Radio Host: Let’s talk about that.
Lisa Nelson: We did! We love North Texas Giving Day. It’s such a fun and great concept because it’s so  invigorating  to bring all of North Texas together to give to organizations that are try to solve our community’s  biggest issues and so we are trying to make it in good time. So we have a party for our donors and volunteers and those kinds of things. And we are did pretty well. We were a little down for the last year, but we did well and we are very pleased and attracted to new donors and some new folks that have not given to us the force so we are very pleased.
Radio Host: That’s good. So you are kind of expanding the reach of what you guys do and your awareness which is always important. Umm, and of course Daniele explain perfectly what you guys do. What are some of the feedback that you get Lisa from the families that you help? I mean what’s one of the first things they come back and tell you?
Lisa Nelson: The first things that come back and tell us is the mums usually say is “I woke up feeling confident and beautiful and worthy in my new home and that’s one of the very first things we hear. The other thing we hear is that kids are sleeping really well, they are enjoying their own spaces, they are not sleeping with mum anymore.  They have a feeling of wholeness and they can take on what’s coming at them with a lot more inner strength and confidence that they truly didn’t have before.
Daniele Cunningham: You know Lisa some of the things I’m thinking of you know is like a picture in my mind is the difference that when they walk into an  empty apartment verses they walk into an apartment that it may not be brand new you know it’s not a perfect you know structure but the things that go into that are a brand new bed and bedding and  you know what a difference that can make in of itself is a good night’s sleep. And when you feel good when you ready to come home and you are excited about where you live and also when you wake up how good that makes you feel to prepare and take on like you said the challenges of any given day.
Lisa Nelson: It is truly amazing and most of our families the kids have never had their own bed. The mums have been on the sofa they’ve given the kids the bed it’s been all over the place and you think it’s just a bed. But really it’s not just a bed, it’s a good night’s sleep which leads to good academics which leads to good job performance.
Daniele Cunningham: Good attitudes.
Lisa Nelson: Which leads to raises and promotions and attitudes. It just goes on and on and on and it’s just a bed.
Daniele Cunningham: To us but to them it’s something much more critical.
Radio Host: Joining us on the phone is Lisa Nelson she’s executive director of Dwell with Dignity and Daniele Cunningham from BKM Sowan Horan. Okay you’ve got a wonderful new event coming up . . .
Daniele Cunningham: And it’s first time this year right?
Lisa Nelson: Yes. It’s the first time.
Radio Host: Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about that new event you got coming up.
Lisa Nelson: The new event  it’s called Single Dwell and  obviously  it’s a play on words and what it is we are parting with holiday warehouse so it’s gonna set up a pop up holiday decoration shop in the Zone district and as a partner of ours they said what else can we do? So we are also going to have a kickoff party the night before the store opens and it’s gonna be a really fun party. It calls for ugly Christmas weather sheik attire and we will have a final auction. We have custom made trees with by Three Top interior designers. We have raffles and some amazing good things because we are so in line with the design industry we get most of amazing things so we’ll gonna have raffles with those things and then of course you can shop! So it’s new for us and we thought this is a fun different way to do end of year fundraising.
Radio Host: And of course as we get closer I want you to come back on and talk about that as you know kind of to boost the awareness you know we are in October right now and everybody has go that way but I wanna shift over to this whole jingle end of year this so definitely I want you to come back on and talk about that.
Lisa Nelson: I’d love to.
Radio Host: It’s gonna be a lot of fun. You know how many people are you expecting?
Lisa Nelson: We are shooting for like 300 for the party.
Radio Host: Alright there you go. Alright we gotta take a quick break we’ll come back continue this conversation from the other side of the break. Plus what is the most common first names to most CEOs? LinkedIn website has that list plus we do this every day on the show at about this time. Neal McCoy will kick of the pledge of allegiance when we come back. It’s 8:29, stick around. You are listening to 620AM KEXB your experts in business.
Radio Host: Welcome back 8:33, 620AM KEXB your experts in business joining us in the studio is Daniele Cunningham from BKM Sowan Horan. I wanna kick off this 8 o’clock hour, the bottom of the 8 o’clock hour with our good friend Neal McCoy, country music star and he does this every single day on Facebook and I’ve seen it go from a hundred shares to a thousands of shares and thousands of views. Now obviously you are in  a car I don’t expect you to pull over and look for a flag or anything like that but I think these words should resonate with each and every one of us.

(Neal McCoy recites pledge of allegiance)

Radio Host: Amen on that. I love to start my day like that. It’s 8:34  but it’s good enough for me.
Daniele Cunningham: We used to start everyday in school that way  didn’t we? Do they do that at school anymore?
Radio Host: They do.
Michael: Most of them do.
Radio Host: If they don’t I wanna find out which schools don’t do that and I’m gonna go up there peacefully. Anyway we are talking with Lisa Nelson, she’s executive director of Dwell with Dignity, she’s on the line. Just before the break we were talking about this fantastic new kind of fundraiser you got coming up. Let’s talk more about that and how people can get tickets.
Daniele Cunningham: Jingle Dwell 2016. This is a new event for Dwell with Dignity and it’s gonna be a really fun event. About 300 guests are expected, the are gonna have a DJ, one of a kind Christmas trees decorated by Jan Showers one of like the premier designers in the Dallas are along with Denise McGaha’s terrific designers. And if you like a designer’s touch you will want to see these Christmas trees and they will definitely be something you wanna bet on right Lisa?
Lisa Nelson: Absolutely. They are gonna be over the top gorgeous and they will be definitely a hit I think most people would want them in their home.
Radio Host: Yeah I mean let me ask you a question. Have you ever flipped your Christmas tree upside down and hang it from the ceiling? That is a trend and I have several friends that have done that and they’ve decorated them like it’s just piece of art.
Daniele Cunningham: I wouldn’t know how. Let me just say I wouldn’t know how.
Radio Host: It logistically it sounds nuts. But their it’s something nice man.
Daniele Cunningham: Lisa that may have to be something we look up to.
Lisa Nelson: Maybe. You could actually buy trees now that are just hanged upside down.
Radio Host: There you go. That’s something new.
Daniele Cunningham: Hey Lisa would you talk about how to get tickets and the sponsorships that are available?
Lisa Nelson: There are several  sponsorship opportunities and the best way is to give us a call and talk with our development team they will help us with sponsorship at every level starting with 500 all the way to 5000 I believe. So there’s a big range of things that you can do to support the event and there are also tickets will be available probably mid October I would think and you’ll be able to get those through our website http://www.dwellwithdignity.org/ and just be on the lookout for that. They are not there yet but they will be soon.
Daniele Cunningham: One of the things I wanna be sure to mention and that is what the sponsorship includes because these are things that sometimes people don’t really consider and being the market director for you know a firm I am very particular about where our money goes and what not only is it going towards a good cause but what are some of the associated benefits with that investment. And with the investment of several of these sponsorships, and not only do you get patron tickets to the events and sponsorship listing on all materials, listing on the website for six months you can also add to the swag bag  so that every recipient will receive . ..
Radio Host: Who doesn’t like getting a swag bag by the way. . .
Daniele Cunningham: The swag bags are awesome but it’s a corporation you have the ability to add to that swag bag whatever kind of promotional item you might want to put in there.
Radio Host: I’m thinking of what we can donate Michael to the swag bag I’m not sure what we have.
Daniele Cunningham: You need 300 of what you are donating.
Radio Host: Headshots of myself looking like using doormats or something.
Michael: Yeah I think we’ve done that before with other people on the business.
Daniele Cunningham: And also some of the social media benefits, you know one of the highest levels of … for… Instagram and Facebook postings you can also have a name or signature drink named after your phone so just go and meet different kinds of things that go a long with your investment.
Radio Host: So if I get a company to be a sponsor step up okay? Could I name that drink after me? Lisa?
Daniele Cunningham: Open for negotiation?
Lisa Nelson: Absolutely!
Radio Host: I’m gonna make that happen. Go make it happen. Now what’s your drink of choice?
Daniele Cunningham: Something cheerful.
Lisa Nelson: You can do Vodka, you can do tequila, you can do gin. Whatever your …
Radio Host: Done. You have my word on that. Because I got a lot of connections for different companies I get it.
Daniele Cunningham: Hey Lisa you are…
Radio Host: It’ll all be local companies by the way.
Daniele Cunningham: That’d be great. I would like to know what goes into a drink it’s called Santa’s Little Helper.
Radio Host: Michael can you Google that real quick?
Michael: I probably could.
Radio Host: Michael is great at research. Santa’s Little Helper, find out what goes in. That’s great festive.  I mean I love Bloody Marys around Christmas that’s just mine. But there’s somebody named Mary already. I can’t wait for this. Because we were talking in the break Lisa how I think it’s so important. Every time you do a function at all you are always expanding your reach to new people. I’ve never heard of you and so an event like this is perfect.
Lisa Nelson: Exactly. And that’s the thing, you want . . . it’s just all about reach. You have to have that reach for people to know about you to get them and bring them and get them to want to help you. And these events are great because we try to do something for everybody and do something different all the time and this just came out and we are just having so much fun planning it, it’s not even funny. So we are really looking forward to it.
Radio Host: Michael did you get some information on that drink?
Michael: Yeah it’s 1.5 ounces of great fruit vodka such as Absolut Ruby Red and then 2 1/2 fluid ounces of actually grapefruit juice then 1 1/2 ounces of cranberry juice and you can buy them together and in an ice filled cocktail shaker and shake and strain.
Radio Host: There you go!
Daniele Cunningham: That sounds fresh.
Radio Host: They make it really good. Great.
Daniele Cunningham: Great fruit vodka?
Radio Host: Yeah.
Daniele Cunningham: Really.
Radio Host: Brian’s got some homework to do before now and then. Uhh, love it, absolutely. And we were sharing a story in the break about the other people that you’ve brought to this party. The companies.
Daniele Cunningham: Well, I will say Brian you know your show really one of the great things about it is how it connects people. And so just as we are seated we are talking about Dwell with Dignity with the audience and sharing that and connecting people your listeners with this organization and the opportunities that they can join. It was just about a month ago that we were on the air I come in and you had these great folks from Curtis Mathes
Radio Host: Which that rings a bell. I mean every kid grew up with television set You had a pair of pliers to change the dial because the dial fell off. It’s true.
Daniele Cunningham: But you know I walked in and met these great gentlemen and we got to talking and were about marketing and you know brands and how you do what you do and connecting with people. It just seems like a natural fit to introduce them to Dwell with Dignity and they were looking for some opportunities to be a part of the community and you know I’ve connected them with Lisa Robinson and it was a week later they were walking through one of the installs of the recipient families and then last week when Trey and I went to the studio, I said  “Trey, man this place looks terrific. I mean I thought they’ve painted the place I mean I thought something
Radio Host: Something looks different.
Daniele Cunningham: Some transformation had occurred and it turns out that they had installed all new LED lighting panels in the studio. And this is a warehouse type of a situation and it completely washed this environment and flash light and it was clear and it made you feel good.
Radio Host: Imagine you make up in that kind of light.
Daniele Cunningham: Isn’t that .kind of a neat thing where you can connect people and they wanna be a part and then good things happen.
Lisa Nelson: It is the best part. We love that connection and we still appreciate you thinking of us and making that connection it is such a great thing for us to be you know light bulbs in all our installs and then now we are gonna give light to all of our installs. So all of our families will have this great lighting but also last forever and we will be less on their bills and all those good things. We are just real.
Radio Host: I can just see a tagline right now. Shining a bright light on your future.
Daniele Cunningham: How about that?
Radio Host: There’s a lot of symbolic meaning between different…
Daniele Cunningham: You are not just a pretty face are you Brian?
Radio Host: No, I am not and that’s arguable right there. I’m getting old. I need botox so bad it’s not even funny. So what a great partnership and that’s all about making connections and really to be honest with you this show is about making connections and bringing people together thank you so much. What is a good contact number if someone’s got a question Lisa and they gotta call you what’s the best number for you?
Lisa Nelson: The best number is 214-599-7974.
Radio Host: There you go.
Lisa Nelson: That’s our office and we have anyone can answer to help you.
Radio Host: There you go. Thank you so much for joining us and I well get back to you on that beverage company and we’ll make it happen and . . .
Lisa Nelson: Thanks so much guys. I’ve had a great time.
Radio Host: Next we’ll have you in the studio.
Lisa Nelson: Okay! Sounds good.
Radio Host: We gotta take a break. 8:44 we’ll come back kind of wrap up our conversation plus what is the most common name among CEOs? LinkedIn has a list. Is anybody naming their kids these anymore? We’ll talk about it when we come back.
Radio Host: We are back. Coming up on October 19th  through 21st is the Money Show Dallas. We are gonna sprinkle money from the best time to call Lisa – 214-599-7974 down there in Downtown Dallas.
Daniele Cunningham: Are they gonna make it rain?
Radio Host: No way. They aren’t gonna make it rain. Not really I wish they would. But they got 50 plus speakers and experts that will be on hand. Steve Forbes for Forbes Media is one of them.
Michael: He ran for president one time when I had the option to vote for him. I’m over that.
Radio Host: You know what? If you wanna make America great again, get somebody who knows a little something about business. I think Steve Forbes knows that. Also these kinds of people from private banking to strategists to stocks and bonds and all that stuff. It’s all happening October the 19th to 21st at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. There you go Downtown. Go to  http://www.moneyshowvirtualevent.com/ for more information on that. We will broadcasting live October 19th from there so it’s just kind of cool. And we are gonna have a few some of the speakers on the show between now and then as well to kind of preview the  show but really a great way to get involved and get all the financial investing information you’d ever want and you can go in the and go on the website find out more about it. You can submit your email, to get even more information and get yourself reserved for this fantastic show.
Daniele Cunningham: How much are tickets?
Radio Host: I don’t know I’m gonna look on here. You can register for free I do know that. Okay the number on here is 800-970-4355. 800-970-4355, call for more information. I need to find that about that actually I wanna get the exact rate on this. Okay we are back Daniele Cunningham from BKM Sowan Horan joining us in the studio great organization Dwell with Dignity I love it. I think that if you are listening to us right now, you can donate in anyway . It does not have to be money, it just could be a service, it could be hey you know what? I want a carpet cleaning company. I would love to come and clean the carpets.
Daniele Cunningham: Absolutely.
Radio Host: Okay we are done. We’ll take you. I have a cleaning service. I wanna come and do the bathrooms. Done! We’ll take it. Anything.
Daniele Cunningham: A repair service in some instances have some means and…
Radio Host: They have lots of things to do.
Daniele Cunningham: Yeah they do. And mind you these are rental properties so you know they don’t spend a lot of time fixing up a  property that is not fully owned by the resident but in some instances it could make all the difference like we were talking about a knob in the bathroom for the hot water or  something. You know to replace that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort but that would make a difference.
Radio Host: Keep me away from doing any kind of plumbing.  I wrestle with plumbing with the angles and I’m really bad with plumbing but I’ll get a professional to do  that. Okay LinkedIn  has a survey, a study they did that will  give you the most common names among CEO male and females and the top names are well let’s just kind of go down the list. Here’s the most common female CEO names according to LinkedIn.
Daniele Cunningham: Can I guess? Debra is one?
Radio Host: Yeah. Debra, Sally. Keep this in mind ask yourself you know any friends about your age that have name their kids these name? I know it’s Sally very sweet woman, she probably listening right now. . . Debbie.
Michael: Debbie and Debra.
Daniele Cunningham: I know Debras.
Radio Host: Cynthia?
Daniele Cunningham: Oh Yeah.
Radio Host: Caroline? Okay these kind of from mid-forties to upper fifty names? I would agree with you.
Michael: Yes.
Radio Host: I would probably agree with you even though my daughter’s middle name is Caroline. Pamela?
Daniele Cunningham: Yeah.
Michael: That’s my doctor’s name.
Radio Host: Anne? I don’t really know anybody . . .
Michael: What about Estelle and Getrude?
Radio Host: Cheryl? Linda?
Daniele Cunningham: Yeah. Those aren’t popular names right now.
Radio Host: Janet? …
Michael: Or in Texas, Danita.
Radio Host:  … Well you know we talked about this but you know parents be real careful what you name the kids because. . .
Daniele Cunningham:  It could have a difference and an impact on their life and on their career.
Radio Host: Yeah. I mean as wrong as it may sound, it’s just the truth. Okay here’s the most common male CEO names. I’m not gonna laugh here. Peter.
Daniele Cunningham: Oh! Okay.
Radio Host: But I don’t know any young Peters. Like Peter I don’t even…
Michael: Yeah you are right. There are no Peters anymore.
Radio Host: Bob. There’s a friend of mine named Bob. Jack?
Daniele Cunningham: Yeah.
Radio Host: I do know one of his friends his named Jack and he’s fifteen. Bruce?
Daniele Cunningham: Not so much.
Radio Host: Not so much. Fred?
Daniele Cunningham: Not so much.
Radio Host: Not so much. I do know a Fred though but he’s older than me. Bill?
Daniele Cunningham: William.
Radio Host: William. But if you just name your kid Bill, I don’t think I’ve seen or met anybody on the age of that’s I’m 46 . .
Michael: But if you ever need to get a hold of them in a crowd and you just yell out ‘Bill’. Three quarters of the people turn around.
Radio Host: Ron?
Daniele Cunningham: Ronald?
Michael: Sure. Lots of Rons.
Radio Host: Christian. I love the name Christian.
Michael: It’s a good one.
Daniele Cunningham: I like it too. I love that name.
Michael: I have a friend who has a surname Christian and he’s like 13, 14 years old and they spell it with a ‘K’.
Radio Host: Oh really that’s interesting. Some of these names not … Christian is kind of very millennial I guess sounding in a way. Alexander?
Daniele Cunningham: I like that name.
Radio Host: I like that. Very classy. Don? When was the last time somebody named their kid Don?
Daniele Cunningham: Donald. Don, I don’t know many.
Radio Host: Anyway those are some of the lists of the most common CEOs. Now if you fast forward 25 years from now. It’s probably gonna change.
Daniele Cunningham: Absolutely it will be way different names. We’ll post this link up on our Facebook page as well.
Radio Host: Been really fun this morning hanging out with you and it’s just been us it’s kind of get your coffee over there if you want.
Daniele Cunningham: I do.
Radio Host: What time did you start drinking that coffee this morning?
Daniele Cunningham: Oh well I heard you talking about it on the way in. You know some 45 minutes.
Radio Host: But you know what out of that research and you know earlier we talked about the proper time to drink coffee. Out of that research, if you do deal with anxiety it makes a lot of sense not to consume coffee because it just makes you more. ..
Daniele Cunningham: You don’t need the. . .
Radio Host: You don’t need that. Nervous. It makes a lot of sense. Now you know whether or not to ingest … ten o’clock in the morning you know, yeah whatever. I think it’s all mental anyway to be honest with you.
Daniele Cunningham: You know I had an Italian friend now he’s in his 90’s and he would have an espresso after dinner and I was so … His name was Pasquale I’d say you know that wouldn’t have keep you and point to his head and .. no and he would point to his head like it’s all mental.
Radio Host: I would almost agree with that.
Daniele Cunningham: But I couldn’t consume it.
Radio Host: And you hear about people going AWOL when they find out that someone gave them decaf instead of regular caffeinated coffee. And then they are like no wonder my day went crazy and I wasn’t focused because you gave me decaf on that. I mean really it’s a lot of mental stuff. Just like the horoscope thing that we talked about this morning that NASA came out and . . .
Michael: Yeah. With the 13th Zodiac sign yeah.
Radio Host: They changed the Zodiac signs.
Michael: All they are really saying is that astrology is fake and astronomy is real we are the real scientists over here. And by the way this is what they’ve astrology has been telling you for the past 3,000 years.
Radio Host: And I don’t believe in horoscopes. I just don’t. Like I’m a Scorpio and so if I read it today and I don’t know what it says but I don’t have it in front of me but it probably say something like yeah today is gonna  be a great day. Be careful of all the things that you see today and you are gonna be deceived by somebody…
Daniele Cunningham: But let’s go back to like the ancient Mayans and those things. Didn’t they really plan different agricultural things around the you know…
Michael: Not so much to my … it was the Babylonians but they were inaccurate apparently.
Radio Host: I like the FArmer’s Almanac. I think that’s pretty accurate. I think sometimes that may
Daniele Cunningham: I think that’s pretty accurate.
Radio Host: A dry or wet winter. Okay we gotta go. We’ll see you back here tomorrow, bright and early at 7 o’clock right here on 620AM. You guys have a great day.

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