Settlement Trusts

Settlement trusts are facing the call for increased transparency by federal and state policymakers, lawyers, judges, and litigants concerned about the compensation of claimants, as well as the performance of the settlement trust’s claims processing system.

Our settlement trust clients include:

  • Asbestos and silica personal injury settlement trusts
  • Property damage settlement trusts
  • Claim processing organizations

Our experience beyond the core audit and tax services include:

  • Evaluating and reporting on internal control processes
  • Auditing IT controls
  • Assisting with fair value disclosures
  • Establishing systems for data-mining and recalculation of awards derived from claims processing systems
  • Advising about GAAP and special-purpose financial reporting and disclosures
  • Evaluating processes for claims processing and trust distribution compliance
  • Allocating costs from shared service processing centers