The first question we are usually asked from stakeholders seeking professional audit and tax services is “what is your experience with our industry?” Our client sectors are diverse and are we are able to staff them with personnel experienced in that industry.

We participate in various trade and professional organizations that keep us on the cutting edge of changes that are occurring within the industry. And, our continuing education program focuses on industry specific training.

BKMSH provides its clients the core audit and tax services that meet the requirements of management, lenders and other stakeholders. However, we strive to go beyond just delivering our report or tax return. We believe that we offer our clients a broad mix of industry experience, which enhances our ability to solve problems and to suggest to management opportunities to improve operations and processes. For example, our clients benefit from the BKMSH audit and tax personnel collaborating to identifying opportunities for tax minimization as well as improvements in operations.

We have teams who are experienced in the industries listed below (click on the link to learn more about our experience with each industry):