Frequently Asked Questions

What does “collaboration” mean at BKM Sowan Horan?

Many of our clients are assigned multiple partners, so as to broaden the industry and business experience exposed to our clients. This collaboration extends throughout our staff to maximize client service at all levels of the client’s organization.

What is “continuous involvement”?

We try to stay connected to our clients throughout the year, not just during the busy season. Due to a rapidly changing business environment, continuous involvement by all professionals throughout the year will likely highlight matters that can be brought to management and be resolved during the year. The frequency of our involvement can be customized to the needs of each client.

What does “Enterprising People” mean?

We seek to hire people who can effectively serve business enterprises as well as their stakeholders. Enterprises can be complex, with oversight committees (audit, finance, etc.), multiple stakeholders and more than one layer of management. We understand the demands of serving “enterprise” clients and the need for clear, direct and effective communication.

Does BKM Sowan Horan have international capabilities?

Yes. Our clients operate both nationally and multi-nationally. Our association with Morison Global allows us to coordinate statutory and tax services clients in over 74 countries. The member firms have years of experience servicing clients in foreign jurisdictions. They include branches and permanent establishments. We also have substantial experience advising our clients about transfer pricing agreements, secondment, and expatriate issues.

Does BKM Sowan Horan audit public companies?

Yes. We are a registered firm with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). We currently serve clients listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Does BKM Sowan Horan provide valuation services?

Yes. We have experienced business valuation professionals that can perform business valuations, FAS 157 fair value assessments and liquidating damages estimates.In addition, we have performed evaluations of the reasonableness of the fair value estimates of operating real estate and whether those fair value estimates are within an acceptable range to the user of the estimates.

Does BKM Sowan Horan provide wealth management, capital markets advisory and career placement?

No. Since those services can be fraught with conflicts of interest, we have chosen not to offer those kinds of services. As our mission statement clearly states “We will keep our clients’ interests above ours at all times.”