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EP34: Transcription

Radio Host: There you go 8:03 welcome back 620AM KEXB your experts in business. I am Brian Glenn thanks so much for hanging out with us on this very informative Wednesday morning Michael as I’ve  learned I need to check my junk file more than just once a month right.
Michael: It’s like wacky wisdom Wednesday or something.
Radio Host: It is kind of. How often do you check the junk file on your email?
Michael:  Apparently not often enough coz I just went through it and it was all yeah. . .
Radio Host: Did you find something useful in there?
Michael: Not a lot no not really.
Radio Host: No.
Michael: It’s not something I couldn’t live without.
Radio Host: Yeah. uum i was kind of glad I did. uh a good stuff coming over from our friends at Jet Capital.  If you go to jacks capital.com you’ll see the uh blog. Emily has a blog on there she’s always talking about business and having a home based business and just some of the things that will help you out.
Michael:  They do like to be helpful as the businesses over there.
Radio Host:  Yeah you know it’s more than just uh funding people for their small businesses you know. they like to help you out as well as a nice sort of resource. Also thanks to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Scott Sloka coming in to talking about the  wheels and warbirds going on this weekend.
Michael: That sounds like really fun event.
Radio Host:  Yeah.  uhh and hopefully the weather cooperates with that but that is something else when you see these old aircrafts fire up. And  when I was apart of that of that race between the GTO and the old war plane and it was kind of fun because the GTO came off the line really quick obviously but if that plane would have had another quarter mile it was over.  or maybe another half mile.
Michael:  Yeah it was over. Yeah it’s all about the takeoff speed.
Radio Host: Yeah it is. Anyway really excited about coming up in the 8 o’clock hour our friends from BKM Sowan Horan, uh Brian Simmons who is the senior partner there at BKM Sowan Horan is in the uh in the studio and he’s brought a very special guest and they are always tied to the community and I am just happy to talk about some of the things they have coming up. But you know there is just this something i started about a few days ago and i think it’s important country music star Neal McCoy and i don’t know if you are familiar with this guy Neal McCoy been around in country music for forever. He’s done this thing on Facebook he does a pledge of allegiance on Facebook Live every single day and he does it from wherever he’s at. it could be on the road or on the tour bus and in this particular example he’s at home on Longview and I’ve seen it go from a couple hundred followers and likes to several thousand followers and likes and shares and I just think in this day and age it let’s just all you know, i know you’re driving right now and it’s kind of top of this. But it’s always nice to hear the pledge of allegiance this early in the morning and I want to play that for you.

(Neal McCoy recites the United States Pledge)

Radio Host:  There you go amen on that. You know we need more of that. You know this anti-cop, anti-American rhetoric see in the media. I can’t stand it. Cannot stand it. We need more of this we need no more Neal McCoy in the world. There’s nothing wrong with that.
Michael:  And we seem to be leaning on the side of bringing more of the anti-American sentiment into our country.
Radio Host: I am telling you i said this two years ago. Two years ago I said this. That the flag will be a symbol of racism and hate and you’ll start to see the American flag lowered because people will be too embarrassed to … I’m not embarrassed. The flag is in front of my house all the time. But you start to see this anti-American sentiment kind of take over this country and now you know what  i see it take over as a bunch of BS we all know that. It’s that one percent in the world that making all the squeaky grease gets … that’s what it’s like. You get the one percent making all that noise. Uuh, the 99 percent are just going to stand up and go “no we are not going to take that”. So I’d like to start the 8 o’clock hour with that. Let’s take a quick check at the weather and well get over to our friends at BKM Sowan Horan   and the uh Young Texans Against Cancer. It’s hot, it’s humid, well we got some showers coming.
Michael: That’s correct and you know what it a little ways is off. But they are making their chances seem better. It’s gonna be a 40 % chance on Saturday, 30% chance on Sunday then 40% chance on Monday and the temperatures slowly decreases all of those days so by time you get to Tuesday our highs should only be 83. today however were are going to be near record high at 97 we will only be 2 degrees away from the record which is 99 for today. And  today is the last day of summer tomorrow uuh the first day of fall could be 95 degrees  and you’re probably gonna feel more than 100 degrees and then Friday we have 93 and a small chance of storms on that Friday afternoon. So there you go Brian it is right now 77 degrees uh which is the coolest start to our mornings here so far this week I know.
Radio Host: Yeah.
Michael: Yeah. I know but crazy uh.
Radio Host: Yeah i saw that Sunday morning had a low of 71 so I was literally breaking down my Ugg boots.
Michael: Right. . .
Radio Host: And getting all that ready.
Michael: You know when I was growing up Ugg meant something totally different.  So just saying.
Radio Host: Yeah you see they are funny. I had Ugg boots before Ugg boots were cool.
Michael: Okay.
Radio Host: When i was in California. . .
Michael: Yeah in California it was cool
Radio Host: And I would wear them and people would be like, “what the hell do you have on your feet”?
Michael: Yeah
Radio Host: I’m like “you wouldn’t understand”.
Michael: So did you visit the Eskimos or something? That’s what they asked you.
Radio Host: And then when Tom Brady started wearing them I’m like “yes!”  Put into the mainstream. Good morning Daniele   BKM Sowan Horan. Brian Simmons good morning.
Daniele Cunningham: Good morning.
Brian Simmons: Good morning.
Radio Host: Two favorite people in the morning.
Daniele Cunningham: Awww you say that whoever we have from the firm coming in.
Radio Host: No. not really. We’ve got people in here I don’t want to see. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Uhh, you brought Bradley Cooper. Glad to see you have him in the studio this morning.
Daniele Cunningham: He is a look alike. He could be dead brainer.
Radio Host: Good looking guy. I want to say I’m a very heterosexual. As heterosexual as you get
Daniele Cunningham: Yeah.
Radio Host: But when you find a good looking man that’s a good looking man. And um Brian you are a good looking man.
Brian Simmons: Thanks Glen.
Daniele Cunningham: I was talking about Brian and about how dapper he looks. I mean he’s got the pocket square
Brian Simmons: He showed me up, he look good.
Radio Host: He does look good.
Michael: He did dress for radio. I mean no he didn’t. He dressed for TV and he’s on radio.
Radio Host: That is a pocket?
Brian Simmons: It’s a little pocket square this morning.  A little flare.
Radio Host: Dude I like that.
Michael: I think he’s got the same one on his picture here on the website.
Radio Host: Yeah, yeah looks nice.
Michael: BKM loves that.
Daniele Cunningham: He’s always a sharp dresser.
Radio Host: Nothing but class over there at BKM Sowan Horan.
Michael: yeah I can tell.
Daniele Cunningham: Thank you.
Michael: Well yeah you know one of our previous guests did comment on the guest at BKM Sowan Horan brought in here. I think he’s got the same one on his picture here on the website.
Radio Host: Yeah, yeah looks nice.
Michael: BKM loves that.
Daniele Cunningham: He’s always a sharp dresser.
Radio Host: Nothing but class over there at BKM Sowan Horan.
Michael: yeah I can tell.
Daniele Cunningham: Thank you.
Michael: Well yeah you know one of our previous guests did comment on the guest at BKM Sowan Horan brought in here.
Radio Host: Really?
Michael: Yes yeah being uh. . .
Radio Host: Somebody was walking out?
Michael: Swag looking. Yes.
Radio Host: And was it Emily?
Michael: Not name names you did! Hahaha.
Radio Host: She probably was like “wow he’s really hot”.
Michael: I didn’t say anything. All I said of one of our guests.
Radio Host: Yeah uhh James Carroll. He’s with Young Texans Against Cancer.  I am familiar with your organization years ago I did something with Equinox. It was like a little spin.
James Carroll:  Yeah. That’s right. And were still doing a few of those, so yeah.
Radio Host: Oh nice it was great.  It kind of introduced me to what that organization or what you guys do. And I am sure Brian you know Brian you’re a part of a kind of association with the uhh Young Texans Against Cancer as well.
Brian Simmons: Yes we do. I lost my mum to cancer ten years ago and so I wanted a to find an opportunity how I can give back and get involved in the fight against cancer and so i had some friends that were involved and they invited me to events and it felt like a natural fit for me to get involved so, I’ve been working with James and the group for the last couple of years yeah.
Radio Host: Yeah. It’s always a personal story of why a lot of people get into any organization.
Daniele Cunningham: It’s gotta resonate with you. And if it doesn’t then it’s sort of I don’t know it’s just not a good match.
Radio Host: Yeah. James tell me about yourself.
James Carroll: Well, I am a Fort Worth native and been to back in Dallas from New Orleans for about  six years  and umm actually like Brian I lost my mother to cancer as well  and that’s how I got involved with YTAC. My mum was in the YTAC and YTAC made a donation and I saw that come through i had some friends involved and that’s how I ended up getting involved.
Radio Host: Wow so you saw through the donation portion?
James Carroll: Correct.
Radio Host: And you were like “what are these guys”?
James Carroll: Correct. My mother was going through some experimental stem cell treatments and YTAC made a donation to that program and that research and that’s how I became aware initially. So I had some friends involved and uhh kinda went from there and that was in 2011-2012 so yeah.
Radio Host: Yeah, it’s always that personal story. Well, both of you guys I’m sorry to you know obviously. Very sorry to hear that news.
Brian Simmons: I think that story is all too common though.
Radio Host: Yeah I think you are right. I know. My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it was like same thing I kind of was like my mind went in that direction. Like “hey what can we do to help you know’.
Daniele Cunningham: Make a difference . . .
Radio Host: Make a difference and uhh so that definitely i know that your heart is in the right place here. You have a wonderful event coming up at the The Ritz-Carlton on October 13th. Let’s talk a little bit more about that.
James Carroll: We do uhh so YTAC  is the parent organization and BubblyQ is our biggest fundraiser of the year and that is coming up on October thirteenth at the Ritz-Carlton. Dean Fearing from Fearing’s is our celebrity chef uhh host and we have 10 to 12 of the top chefs in restaurants in Dallas coming to have tattles and serve small bites. Eddie “Lucky” Campbell is gonna be making fancy cocktails with the DJs, silent auction and all that kind of stuff. Should be a good event, last year we raised over two hundred thousand dollars that we were able to uhh donate to the cancer initiatives in Dallas and hoping to break that record this year that was a record d for last year and we would like to beat that so.
Daniele Cunningham: Did you say you have auction item?
James Carroll: We do we the auction items range from sporting events ,memorabilia ,fashion,  shopping sprees, trips, there are always some good events out there  if you wanna spend a little money and some good trips, good options.
Daniele Cunningham: So I am assuming that you are uhh also taking donations to put things in these things.
Michael: We certainly are.
James Carroll: We certainly are and it’s not too late. You can go to our website and Facebook page. . . right here.
Daniele Cunningham: What is the website?
James Carroll: It is ytac.org and that’s Young Texans Against Cancer. http://ytac.org/
Radio Host: Michael and I will autograph a set of headphones that you’ll get five dollars for.
James Carroll: Absolutely.
Brian Simmons:  You guys need to make an appearance.
Radio Host:  Actually you may have to pay them to take it away.
James Carroll:  Absolutely not I hope you guys donate.
Radio Host: But I wish we had we had Dallas Stars goalie in here not too long ago .What’s that dude’s name?
Michael: Marty Turco.
Radio Host: Marty Turco. So there you go he could have something you know. He could have uh autographed a park or something uh I don’t know. But would you like connections?
Daniele Cunningham: You know you should have asked before he left I think till yesterday he left for two weeks on some golfing tour. Radio Host:  Hanging out this morning with BKM Sowan Horan, Daniele Cunningham from BKM Sowan Horan and a James Carroll with the Young Texans Against Cancer. I’ll tell you what I just love when things really hit home and there is a connection and you guys can make a difference. I mean all this effort can make a difference in the world finding whatever course it is and in this particular instance it’s cancer. I think you can make a difference and of course you had me at The Ritz-Carlton when you said I love that place. And I remember I had a friend that was in town and i saw him on Facebook that he was in town for a meeting and that he checked in at The Ritz-Carlton and I’m like “hey, hey, let’s meet for drinks. I’ll come down there.”
James Carroll: It’s easy sell.
Radio Host:  You draw me in and he’s “Oh yeah come for lunch”.  I was there like five minutes i was there. I love that place. Alright we have to take a quick break we’ll come back and continue this conversation on the other side of the break plus what is the latest from  Mark Cuban with regards to Donald Trump. I don’t know why Mark Cuban keeps talking about Donald Trump. Can the NBA season start tomorrow? I just need you to focus on that and quit focusing on everything else. That’s coming up after the break.
Radio Host: Alright. Welcome back it’s 90 take it away here on Wednesday morning.
Michael: At least you didn’t say seven.
Radio Host: Yeah I know I didn’t say seven. Brian Simmons, senior manager over at BKM Sowan Horan James Carroll with Young Texans Against Cancer and Daniele Cunningham from BKM Sowan Horan. Now you guys look a little bit tired because you guys had an event last night. No?
Brian Simmons: Yeah we did. We sure did. We had a little open house at our office space to show off our office. We keep knocking down walls so we invited some of our clients and some of our friends and family out. Had some cocktails. It was great.
Radio Host: It’s nice to have a little mixture with your clients.
Daniele Cunningham: Yeah, you know we kind of targeted this time of the year. Because everybody is distracted over the summer and travelling and then people getting back to school. Putting everybody back in school and putting their face towards looking at the end of the year, what they wanna accomplish, that kind of thing. So targeting a networking event is a good thing. We had a really good turnout. We had about 150 people there.
Radio Host: Great turnout. For a Tuesday night. That’s pretty good.
Daniele Cunningham: Well, we had the chef. The former chef from the Dallas Country club there. We had hot suites, one of D magazines, top rated confectioners, we had an open bar, we had craft beer tasting. We had really well curated craft beer so we did that.
Radio Host: What’s your favorite craft beer by the way?
Daniele Cunningham: You know, I’m really not a beer drinker.
Radio Host: No? What about you James?
James Carroll: I’m a Deep by Viega.
Brian Simmons: I like those IPA  or stouts.
Radio Host: Yeah I like that. I just kind of discovered that not too long ago it’s good stuff.
Brian Simmons: You can’t help it.
Radio Host: You can’t.
Daniele Cunningham:  I was talking about his beer last.
Radio Host: Goals – symbolic
Brian Simmons: It represented the number of goals he had.
Radio Host: Yeah. It was symbolic to the number of goals he had in his career. Worth checking out. When he gets watched I wanna have him come on the show.
Daniele Cunningham: Absolutely.
Radio Host: Drink some beer. Uhh, let’s talk about Young Texans Against Cancer. We have an event we just talked about coming up on October the 13th at The Ritz-Carlton here in Dallas. A ton of auction items as well and I kind of wanna throw this out there to the public if you don’t mind. But if someone has something that’s very a collectible. If there’s something from the sports world, from entertainment, if you got something that maybe you wanna maybe donate to be auctioned off all the benefit Young Texans Against Cancer is that okay? Can  someone do that?
James Carroll: Absolutely. We are always looking for new items. We’ve got a good lineup of auction items at this items at this point but we can always use more and all the money goes straight to beneficiaries which is the most important thing. So the more money we can raise obviously the better.
Daniele Cunningham: And can you help me understand what the funds go towards.  . .
Radio Host: Good question.
James Carroll: So we have some mainstays and when the name changed we had a few here and there but it ranges from hospitals. We work with some of the programs at Baylor some of the programs at UT Southwestern, in the research programs that some of the medical folks are working on over there. We also donate to just different organizations in the community that are doing more specific type things with pediatrics. We work with for a few years now is 1 Million 4 Anna. And that’s a partnership with Anna’s Closet and the funds we donate there go to gifts for children that are fighting cancer and are stuck in hospital and just kind of down on everything. So we try to be selective there’s so many groups out there but we try to strotle the bridge between research donation but also just improvement of life for some of the kids and stuff like that.
Radio Host: Does this make a difference?
James Carroll: Correct.
Radio Host: It’s making difference. And what’s some of the feedback you give when someone comes to your fundraisers and events. And you are able to help so many people, what are they telling you at the end of the day?
James Carroll: Well it feels good and you know there’s some selfishness in there a little bit to help people and then…
Radio Host: Sure it does. And it’s okay. I think it’s okay to feel satisfied and internally satisfied and internally satisfied to help others.
James Carroll: Yeah and you know seeing these kids smile when … but at the same time we had a meeting last spring with one of our research programs that we contribute to, UT Southwestern. And to hear that side of it the science is way over my head but just hearing the difference in the impact these researchers are making and the strides they are making we have a long way to go but they are making progress and you know the end is in the sight perhaps but we still have a long way to go. And so I see them both as a good thing.
Radio Host: There you go. And I love the fact that BKM Sowan Horan you’ve always reached out here to community organizations like James’ here. Let’s talk about how important it is for you guys to really get in the trenches and help as much as you can. Not just in business but in the community.
Daniele Cunningham: Well, Brian one of the things we try to encourage and that is for all of our people to get involved in something that resonates with them and so you know I don’t qualify to be in Young Texans Against Cancer but it also affected my parents.
Radio Host: What is the qualification? Because I know I can. I know I’m the oldest guy. I think I’m by far the oldest guy here.
James Carroll: I’m hover enough for that upper limit. I mean there aren’t really too many hard requirements. The average age 24 to 40. Yeah 50-50 single people versus couples.
Radio Host: Male:female, good ration there?
James Carroll: Yeah. A lot of females. More females than males. I think that’s what Brian and I got into.
Radio Host: Well I’ll tell you the females that I met at the Equinox that’s the reason why I can see definitely why you people get in these organizations.
James Carroll: So for now we have some members that are in their early 40’s, some legacy member so I got a few years left till that forty cut maybe I’ll stick around for…
Radio Host: I would imagine a guy like you. Good hearted guy like you is gonna stick around. You are gonna make sure this organization does good things. I know and Brian you guys came off a big point in the year in your industry . . .
Brian Simmons: Yep! December deadline survived with flying colors so everybody is feeling good!
Radio Host: How’s the elections at all? Did your clients tell you hey what do I need to be looking at depending on who is in the White House.
Brian Simmons: Yeah there is some ramblings out there.
Radio Host: Is it?
Brian Simmons: Yeah.
Radio Host: You know when you look at small businesses. .  . We won’t take this politically though but when you look at a small business, I just really want someone I think that’s got my back. That says you know what? I know what you going through. I’ve been there. And only one candidate has done that.
Daniele Cunningham: Well I will say that you know… from that standpoint we want anyone who’s pro-business that’s gonna be supportive and help us in reexamining what the tax laws are and maybe thinking in new ways about what that is and isn’t. That would be refreshing. Don’t you think Brian? I mean like our clients want that.
Radio Host: Yeah. And I’ve talked to several businesses based in Southern California you know medium sized companies. And you know what? It’s getting tough, it’s getting tough. There’s so much regulations and so many taxes…
Michael: And it’s not all federal. Especially in California. It’s their local problems over there. Like outlawing counterparts.
Radio Host: Umm, it’s crazy. And like guys hey I can’t afford to pay that., I just can’t afford to employ. So yes. I can’t afford to employ. I think that business owners want somebody in the White House that has little bit of pro-business.
Daniele Cunningham: Absolutely.
Radio Host: Okay. We gotta take a break. Talk more about BubblyQ. Pretty cool name.
Michael: Just like the cool name.
Radio Host: Cool name. Cool place. Not being on … oh I love Thursday night events. I don’t know what it is about Thursday night.
Daniele Cunningham: It kicks off the weekend.
Radio Host: It does and you come in the next day at work on a Friday and you are like uhh, it’s like oh yeah it’s Friday. You know, you are all jacked up anyway. Umm, happens Thursday night 7 to 10 at Fearing’s at The Ritz-Carlton tickets will get all the information, after the break stick around plus what did Mark Cuban say about Donald Trump? I got that ahead.
Radio Host: Welcome back DFW Business Today. I’m Brian Glenn thank you so much for hanging out with us this on this Wednesday morning. I remind you of something that’s coming up it starts on October 19th. Wednesday October 19th. The Money Show Dallas will be in town. It’s an event that has over 50 expert speakers on a variety of topics. Everything from investing to real estate to retirement. It’s all taking place at the Hyatt Downtown. I think that one of those days Michael, I think I’m live. Maybe on that Wednesday morning from the Hyatt Downtown, Dallas.
Michael: Party here. I will bring breakfast and you won’t. . .
Radio Host:  Guest speaker we can get on the show Of course I will reach out to some of the guest speakers that we can get on the show. And   you know what if that’s your thing, if investment and financial planning, if that’s your thing this is your event. The Money Show Dallas takes place on October the 19th, 20th and 21st. We’ll put information on that on our Facebook page or go to http://dallasmoneyshow.com/. Very cool and as we get into October we’ll have more on that as well. Meanwhile we are talking to our friends over at BKM Sowan Horan and James Carroll from Young Texans Against Cancer talking about this event coming up. Now we talked a little bit about this the BubblyQ. Yeah. What kind of champagne we are gonna have. I wanna know what kind of drinks will be flowing there. You have a guest bartender I guess kind of a mixologist.
James Carroll: We do “Lucky” Campbell who’s been on the show and the drinks are pretty good too so he’ll be flipping the glasses and putting on a fine show so…
Radio Host: It’s always fun to raise money that way – drinking!
James Carroll: Yeah. Absolutely.
Radio Host: And an auction. We did put a call out    so if you have anything that’s sports themed, entertainment themed.
Brian Simmons: The food there is fantastic too.
Radio Host: Oh my goodness. I had a chance to taste the samples and stuff. He was set up there and I got the samples and stuff from his restaurant and it’s amazing.
Michael: What was it that he had out there? Do you remember? What were the samples?
Radio Host: I probably couldn’t pronounce it if you know it’s something fancy. I don’t remember what he had out there but it’s all good.
James Carroll: Yes it would. Dean Fearing will have a set up and we also have Lockhart Smokehouse – Uchi Sush with some barbecue. We’ve got Nobu Sushi spot. So we’ve got a good line up. So a lot of options.
Daniele Cunningham: I’ve never eaten at never eaten at Uchi by the way.
James Carroll: Oh you should.
Michael: It’s awesome.
Daniele Cunningham: It’s on my list and I just can’t quite get there.
James Carroll: Top notch and they recommend it as well.
Daniele Cunningham: My hairdresser recommended that.
James Carroll: It’s good. Good stuff.
Radio Host: I love it.  I could talk about that on food. What is the favorite kind of food you eat?
Daniele Cunningham: I really something that’s just kind of unique. A different spell on things. I have some go-to at home you know. You know Italian eggs. It’s really poached eggs and kind of a spicy marinara.
Radio Host: That sounds really good. How about you James?
James Carroll: I’m a barbecue guy. So I cook at home for fun and stuff.
Brian Simmons: I would say Sushi for me. But I would not pass up and great steak.
Daniele Cunningham: But Brian you are a great chef at home.
Brian Simmons: I dabble-whats your favorite thing to
Radio Host: What’s your favorite thing to cook? If they say you know cook something. What do you cook?
Brian Simmons: My fiancé loves steak so I end up cooking a lot of steak.
Radio Host: What kind of cut on that?
Brian Simmons: Filet. You can’t go wrong with that.  I like barbecue chicken. I love barbecue chicken so…
Radio Host: I make my own baby back ribs. I got more secret source.
Michael: When are you inviting me over Brian?
Radio Host:  Whenever you can trip up from Midlothian. It’s a day’s trip.
Michael: Southern Oklahoma men.
Radio Host: Umm, but I just love to cook. I’m a barbecue guy. Like someone said hey it’s a Sunday afternoon where you going? I’m going to Lockhart or I’m going to Bartley’s, I’m going to Pecan Lodge. These are all great barbecue we have here in North Texas. I love to eat. Beer, barbecue, football.
James Carroll: Sunday afternoon right there.
Radio Host: It’s a Sunday afternoon. Music. Throw some music in there I’m done. Umm, great it all takes place on Thursday October 13th. And tickets, we haven’t really talked about that. How do you buy a ticket for this?
James Carroll: So everything should be live on our website or on our Facebook page and that’s probably the best way to direct people so the http://ytac.org/ is the website and I’ll be pretty easy to find there. Or if you are on Facebook you can go to BubblyQ Dallas or YTAC Dallas as well on Facebook.
Radio Host: And I’m on your website and there’s spaces where you can get more information to volunteer. Let’s talk about some of the ways people can volunteer because if someone can’t necessarily donate right now, we understand that but I’m sure you’ll take some volunteers.
James Carroll: Absolutely. And the volunteer opportunities wouldn’t just be for BubblyQ. We do events throughout the year. It works out to be about once a month that we do an event with usually with one of one of our beneficiaries and that’s what we really look for volunteers. So it’s a good way to get outside. Interact with community and some folks that are going through some tough times with cancer. So there’s plenty of opportunities and like you said Brian you can find that on the website too. Any support is always appreciated.
Radio Host: And of course you’ve mentioned a lot of times when you are dealing with kids. It’s just something very special when you can help a child that’s going through something very, I mean look we are all blessed to have good childhoods that . . . when you can help a kid out that’s dealing with something like that it makes it worthwhile. It really does. Wonderful. We’ll continue to talk about this as we get closer to the event as well. I want… Perhaps you can come back on and kind of give us an update on you know ticket sales and all the good stuff. Umm, before we take a break, I wanna talk about this real quickly. Volkswagen is now facing a 9 billion dollar legal headache as investors in Germany have filed lawsuit saying that they’ve lost a portion of their investment due to the scandal. The emission scandal that broke out about a year ago.
Michael: Isn’t that the risk that you take?
Radio Host: See that’s where I’m getting at and I’m glad we have financial geniuses in here. Because the economy says you know what that’s just the risk you take when you buy a stock! And then something has to come out. The next day that it does not do what it does. Actually, does the opposite about what it does. I mean isn’t that the risk you take when you buy a stock and while these numbnuts are wanting 8.2 billion dollars actually 9.1 billion US dollars and 8.2 billion euros. About 40% of the stock’s market value was wiped out about a year ago when the scandal hit so I’m I wrong do you think? This is just something that the risk you take?
Brian Simmons: Seems like part of the deal.
Radio Host: It’s part of the game. Go talk to Enron. What happened to all those millions of people… I mean when that came out with the fuzzy map and all that stuff. I just saw this headline I just thought “why is this happening?”
Michael: They play ball differently over there in Europe.
Radio Host:  That is in Europe. That is in Germany. I don’t know. I just went to a Volkswagen dealership this past week and I was looking at the new CC. I really want that one. I want this party lights off. Anyways I say “hey how’s sales?” he says great. People coming back. I go I never laughed. EPA scandal doesn’t push me away on an automobile company or anything like that. But anyway we’ll see how this plays out in the court system there in German but very interesting. Also Mark Cuban little something to say about Donald Trump. Mark said “Trump scares the S out of me. In terms of national security.” And I don’t really understand what that’s coming from as well. I really thought starting to think that you are  seeing people in the media take this very liberal minded approach to things because it get’s them social media brownie points. Kind of makes them hip and cool and grab some headlines and make them feel oh yeah I’m with the people. I don’t see how a Trump presidency makes us less safe on the security side. I really don’t because he’s the only one that wants law and order. He’s the only one that wants to kind of take a look at immigration.
Michael: Mark Cuban is old enough to remember back when the US had a more powerful stance internationally and our enemies were
actually afraid of us and our friends liked to be nice to us and talk about us. So Mark is not one of these millennials who has never seen America stand up and take charge.
Radio Host: I think this country should be safe. I don’t think we are a country that once we have borders and laws and we have laws that are in place and they are enforced and just to come out and just say you think it would be bad for… it would present a danger to this country is just unbelievable. He said that to a reporter for CNN Money magazine by the way in an interview. I’m sure everyone asked every time they talk to him about anything they are gonna ask about Donald Trump of course he has a take on it.
Daniele Cunningham: Well, you know what I don’t really care what their take is. I’m gonna make my own decision.
Radio Host: That’s it. I’ve always said that. I don’t care like if they are going to endorse … I don’t care if they endorse a candidate or not. And plus I’ll say this. I’ve never chose a president based upon their health. Just for the record…”oh he eats fast food?” yeah, I can’t vote for him.
Daniele Cunningham: Remember when they talked about Obama smoking?
Radio Host: Didn’t matter to me.
Daniele Cunningham: Well I do care if we are voting for somebody and they are not gonna withstand for years.
Radio Host: Good point.
Daniele Cunningham: Then you have to look at the alternatives of what’s gonna happen as a result of that.
Radio Host: Who’s the next in line for that yeah. Oh men we got less than two months left on this election. I really can’t get it over with. It just all you see in the media. It’s just 24/7.
Michael: Yeah it’s just 6 weeks now.
Radio Host: It’s just 6 weeks away? Wow 6 weeks away. Umm, okay and you have all that stuff that happened last night in Charlotte. You know these police shootings you know look…
Michael: I don’t think that the police shootings have increased in number. I think that the media coverage of it has … more and more lap sided.
Radio Host: Absolutely. But can’t we find another way to take these people down? Without firing a bullet?
Michael: They tried to. They tried to tazed this one guy.
Radio Host: Did he drop…
Michael: He kept dropping because he was on PCP apparently.
Radio Host: Can we do like tranquilizers they go to Africa and just… I don’t know.
Daniele Cunningham:  What about like didn’t they use like smoke something? Or you know those things that could burn?
Radio Host: Like a teargas or something like that? . .  teargas guy.
Michael: Yeah teargas does exactly bring you down. And I think they are allowed to use enough stuff to actually make them go to sleep.
Radio Host: Anyway just a night of unrest. I was watching it as it was unfolding through the Fox  there in Charlotte. Because I have a buddy that works for them and he shared the status and whoever was down there had a really good perspective on things. They were down there in the front line and they were taunting police. They were and just kind of taunting them…
Michael: Not just taunting. They trashed the police cars and set them on fire too.
Radio Host: Yeah, anyway. Alright 8:44 we’ll take a break. Come back, wrap up our conversation with BKM Sowan Horan and Young Texans Against Cancer. It’s 8:44 see you in a few.
Radio Host: Alright we are back. 8:49 and the latest Colin Kaepernick drama. Looks like Jerry Rice has jumped on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon.
Michael: Didn’t he initially come out and say he was gay that kind of thing?
Radio Host: Yes but now he’s on it. He’s on it now. So there you go.
Michael: Okay!
Radio Host: I saw a great meme between Cam Newton who I love. He’s a beast… and Colin they were looking at each other and then they said something like I don’t grow my hair like that because I actually put on a helmet to play. He’s Cam Newton. I love Cam Newton. God. .. I mean you became a fan or?
James Carroll: Yeah. Saints actually. It’s been ten years in New Orleans. During the Katrina time and then they kind of brought, you heard about it too much of the years, but they really help bring the city back. It was kind of a good weekend for everybody to look to. So yeah.
Radio Host: I’ve fallen to Saints. I like it.
Daniele Cunningham: Brian . . . a fantasy football league?
Brian Simmons: Yeah I am. But I’m a diehard Cowboy fan. I frontload my fantasy team with Fantasy league – who is starting.
Radio Host: Do you? So who’s your starting quarterback in your fantasy league?
Brian Simmons: Russell Wilson is I think this year. Sometimes it’s just the way it falls out.
Michael: I’ve got Owen Wilson on mine.
Radio Host: Look you gonna apologize.
Michael: I don’t know anything about football. What else can I say man.
Radio Host: Uhh, fantasy football is huge. It’s huge. My son got into it. But I tell you, it’s a little when you watch a game you can get pissed off. Even when you watch a game you are pissed off because the other team the guy might have dropped a pick he could have got. He’s on my fantasy team. Dude you watch the game? Or you watching the game within the game. And it’s kind of the game within the game.
Daniele Cunningham: Now you’ve been doing that for a while though now Brian right?
Brian Simmons: Yeah. It’s fun.
Daniele Cunningham: I mean you’ve got a whole thing at the office.
Radio Host:  So who’s your running back? Who’s your receivers? You know.
Brian Simmons: I can look it up.
Radio Host: I’m just curious.
Brian Simmons: I think some of my auto draft this year because I was busy. And sometime I do better that way honestly.
Radio Host: Yeah. You take the emotions. Take your pick out of it right?
Brian Simmons: Yeah. When I don’t go heavy Cowboy.
Radio Host: So if you are a Ducks fan and Cowboys go 8-1 with this Dak guy and Romo comes back and comes back but you are 8-1. What do you do?
Brian Simmons: That’s the million dollar question. I wanna, I think you gotta go back to but . . .
Daniele Cunningham: I think that’s Jerry Jones loyalty and they would go back…
Brian Simmons: Yeah. But if he’s 7-1 or 8-1…
James Carroll: I’m saying…
Radio Host: I’m saying go with momentum.
James Carroll: I love Romo. I always have. But also in the interest of I think Tony is a good guy. I wanna be able to walk the rest of his life and I feel like he’s just gonna keep getting demolished back there. But that’s a layman’s opinion. I don’t know much about football.
Radio Host: It makes a lot of sense. You got gonna know to kind of when to step away.
Daniele Cunningham: Right.
Radio Host: It only takes injuries so much. I’m a Houston Texas fan as well so I’m “We got this Chicago” fired up. We got the Chicago Bears on Thursday night which is great. So hopefully we can win there. But see 2 years ago we were two-nil and then we want two-fourteen. We rattled our 14 straight losses. And once you get to like two in ten you don’t really care. You really have no expectations at that point.
Daniele Cunningham: You have nowhere to go but up.
Radio Host: You know you are right. And that’s what takes the emotions out of football. It happens it happens. Pretty cool. Anyway congratulations.  I guess you are gonna get in the bandwagon. Umm, we are talking about a wonderful event coming up in October. Uhh, Young Texans Against Cancer. All happens at the Ritz-Carlton here in Dallas from 7 PM to 10 PM. And just to kind of recap if you missed earlier in the 8 o’clock hour. Let’s talk a little bit about again what Young Texans against Cancer does.
James Carroll: Uhh, we are a young professional organization in Dallas. Founded in Houston but we are in Dallas since…We need over 300,000 dollars a year to beneficiaries in the Dallas area. Those include research organizations. More neighborhood. Just charity organizations. So try to spread the dollars out and I think we do a good job of getting the dollars that we raise at these events out to the people that matter and which is of course the people that matter and which is the most important thing.
Radio Host: And the funds come from fundraisers like these.
James Carroll: Absolutely. This is our biggest one of the year. Last year we raised a little over 200,000 dollars at this event. Looking to break that this year. And we’d love any help for listeners out there pleae visit our website and our Facebook page if you would like to contribute either sponsorship dollars or selling auction items which is another big piece of our fundraising after party.
Radio Host: Yeah. And of course teaming up with companies like BKM Sowan Horan is pretty nice.
Daniele Cunningham: Brian Simmons you know.
Brian Simmons: It’s been a great organization to be involved with.
Radio Host: Yeah. It is. And you guys have brought on Nancy Lieberman Foundation, Marty Turco C5, what was the one in South Dallas?
Daniele Cunningham: Oh that was the Frazier Revitalization. Circle of Support, Dwell with Dignity.
Radio Host: That’s it! Dwell with Dignity. Yeah, good stuff. I would probably say Michael doesn’t BKM Sowan Horan get the gold medal for the most activity in the community?
Michael: Absolutely! Oh my gosh.
Radio Host: I don’t think I’ve had any single company on here that does anywhere to the level you guys do.
Daniele Cunningham: Thanks.
Radio Host: Not one. We get companies that are philanthropic minded. But not to the grade you guys are. `Well you know that’s nice to hear. It’s important to us to support our clients and the things that they are involved in and as well as the organizations like YTAC that Brian has a heart for and those are things that are important and it creates our corporate culture really.
Radio Host: And for more information on BKM Sowan Horan? . . .
Daniele Cunningham: http://bkmsh.com/.
Radio Host: There you go. That easy. And of course Young Texans. There’s a website you can go to specific for Dallas is http://dallas.ytac.org/ just like he said you are in Houston.
James Carroll: Don’t donate to Houston, donate to Dallas.
Radio Host: Yeah make sure we are doing for the right city here.
Brian Simmons: And if you wanna attend the event, we still have some tickets left and we’ve sold out every year.
Daniele Cunningham: How much were the tickets Brian?
Brian Simmons: Maybe about 125 dollars if you are a nonmember and 110 dollars of you are a member.
Radio Host: There you go. Okay, just some breaking news right now. Tender has now teamed up with Spotify to help you choose your anthem song when someone goes to your Tenda page. Which makes me think what would my anthem song would be if I was on Tenda. I’m not sure which way you swipe if people don’t like you I’m sure they swipe the left or whatever. But now you can go on Spotify and you can associate a song with your anthem…
Michael: Are they following in the footsteps of Snapchat going to porn yesterday?
Radio Host: I don’t know.
Michael: You did talk about that.
Radio Host: I talked about how I’m getting spam now on Snapchat through like porn stars. They are sending me a message saying they wanna go out and have lunch.
Michael: I’ve been invited to lunch before too.
Radio Host: But it’s amazing how like it seems that industry penetrates like just go away! Go away! Tenda, I’m not on Tenda. Never been on Tinder. I don’t think I know anybody that’s on Tinder.
Daniele Cunningham: James are you on Tinder?
James Carroll: I am not.
Daniele Cunningham: Have you ever been on Tinder?
James Carroll: And I am engaged.
Radio Host: Because I was gonna say this. Ladies, James is one both taken guys. Brian you got a fiancé? You are both engaged.
Brian Simmons: Yeah. I just got engaged too.
Radio Host: Yeah. Smart men.
Michael: Congrats to you guys.
James Carroll: Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
Radio Host: Alright as always you can go to our website http://www.620amkexb.com/. Find more information about this show and other show in this fine radio network. As a reminder I will be out in Friday so guest host on this show! Mattie-Lou Chandler from Fox Sports outkick the coverage. Debbie Saviano.
Michael: The beautiful Debbie Saviano
Radio Host: Yes the beautiful Debbie Saviano.  And I just added Emily from Jet Capital as well. So it’s gonna be the women’s’ show. We do have some guests coming on.
Michael:  ...instead of the man’s show. I get it.
Radio Host: Which I loved the man show back in the show. Man’s show that was a good show. Come on.
James Carroll: Yeah. It was a good one.
Radio Host: Why did they cancel that by the way? I have no idea. Alright that wraps up our Wednesday. See you back here tomorrow bright and early 7 o’clock right here on 620AM KEXB your experts in business. Have a great day.

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