Kevin Rockecharlie Analyzes Trump Administration’s Business Policies EP 39

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EP39: Transcription –  Trump Administration’s Policies And Your Business

Radio Host: Awww! Thank you so much and I think today is one of those days I don’t care . . .Well I do care. Because you are out there driving in your car and I do  care about the traffic. But this is one of those days traffic can be really really bad because I just don’t care. Because we had a great victory for every American in this country. And I know there’s liberals out there they are like “I hate that guy”. I’m never gonna listen to that guy again.
Michael: Kind of makes me wish I’d stayed out for a watch party or something if I was gonna stay up that late at home.
Radio Host: Well we are here to tell you today if you did not vote for Donald Trump, don’t be sad because there’s hope and he will bring jobs back to this country, money back in your pocket and security back to our borders and our military which is a good thing. Kevin Rockecharlie is in the studio from BKM Sowan Horan, good morning!
Kevin Rockecharlie: Good morning.
Radio Host:  I know you stood up late what you got in that cup right there?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Coke Zero unfortunately.
Radio Host: Yeah I’ve got this doctor’s appointment at ten o’clock so I gotta fast. I can’t eat so I’m on these things where I’m just kind of tired, grumpy in my face.
Michael: Oh yeah …
Kevin Rockecharlie: Hopefully you are getting your free physicals. Thank you Obamacare.
Radio Host: I have not had a wellness check and this is embarrassing to say, in probably ten years. You know I’m 47 so they can go in there and find some …
Kevin Rockecharlie: I think it’s gonna be okay but I actually did the same thing and I did it last year. I had my first wellness check in ten years.
Radio Host: Did they find the cholesterol or anything like that?
Kevin Rockecharlie: My cholesterol was high and but everything else is great. Everything is great except cholesterol and I haven’t done a thing about it.
Radio Host: Hahaha! That’s what they say so Kevin did you changed your diet?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Nothing!
Radio Host: Nothing.
Kevin Rockecharlie: I still drink Coke Zero.
Radio Host: Are you a fast food kind of guy?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Honestly I’ve dropped a lot of weight recently. And like 30 pounds.
Radio Host: Oh nice!
Kevin Rockecharlie: And so I am half the year and the other half the year have basically watching what I’m doing.
Radio Host: I tried. I mean I would get on this AdvoCare  kick here but two, three weeks ago I got in that supplements, I did the spark in the morning serve with coffee. I really felt my energy level was high I started working out  I actually dropped about 6 pounds. It was all around the area where men carry weight around the belly.
Michael: I got a stomach virus and dropped about seven pounds.
Radio Host: There you go. Was that on your insurance plan?
Michael: No.
Radio Host: Great. Let’s take a quick check of the weather though, are we finally done with some of this rain or is it still gonna stick around a little bit?
Michael: It looks like the rain is actually out and we are just gonna have scattered clouds for today. Wind from the north, about six miles an hour, 67 or 68 for the high, right around there. And the wind is gonna continue north north east. It’s a ten percent chance of rain but I would say go and count it out and then tonight down to 52, upper forties in  outline areas so probably in  McKennie and Mansfield where I live down that area. 69 for a high tomorrow then 74 Friday. A little bit warmer and then it gets back down back to the 60’s for Saturday and Sunday.
Radio Host: There you go. And of course last night you were up late up to 3 o’clock in the morning. I think I went to bed at 12:40 they hadn’t officially announced but it looked pretty good so I went ahead and said I’m out.
Michael: Yeah by that time, by like 10 o’clock, 9:30 to 10:00 o’clock New York Times predictor indicator computer models were showing that Trump was gonna win.
Radio Host: Yeah someone came in and .. what network did you watch Kevin?
Kevin Rockecharlie: I watched a whole bunch of them.
Radio Host: You flipped around them?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah but I was leaning on Fox. I not really like watching MSNBC just  because watching Rachel Maddow cry, it’s one of my great passions in life.
Radio Host: … I purposely wanted to see her break down and melt.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well she usually bounces around the screen and you know just all happy and she just wasn’t doing any of that last night. So it was something special to watch.
Radio Host: I’m gonna post this link in our Facebook page. It’s a link. If you are just that mad at the world and you do wanna move to Canada, I’ve got a great link for you on our Facebook page. Go to 620AM KEXB it’s there. Got to my page BrianGlennTv it’s there as well.
Michael: Two other celebrities that said that they were going to move to Canada are Eddie Griffin the comedian and Spike Lee. Just wanna throw that out there because they found the information on and that’s one of our Salemcompanies,
Radio Host: And as far as small business owners, that’s what you guys do. I mean you guys work with business owners, and I mean of course it’s so early you haven’t really spoken to people but pre-election what was the chat like with those guys?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well I think everybody was planning for a Hillary presidency. But I think at the same time everybody has to continue and move on you know day to day with their business so I mean really I think everybody was just bracing for you know concentrating on their businesses and working to grow their businesses, planning for increased regulation and you know I mean we still need to see what’s gonna happen as ….
Radio Host: Do you think healthcare was a top priority?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Absolutely. Right?  We just had a renewal yourself within our own firm and we dodged a bullet and didn’t get an increase but it required us to shop around a little bit.
Radio Host: When some of these exit polls came out earlier in the night and it would say that 76% of voters were angry at the government I know exactly what was happening. Did you just see that? I knew exactly what’s happening.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah the question is you know were the people gonna turn out and it looks like they did.
Radio Host: Voters apparently according to a CNN poll they trust Trump to fix the economy.
Kevin Rockecharlie: He doesn’t sugarcoat it and that’s part of the problem that he experienced. You know he says what he thinks and sometimes he does that to his detriment and he’s gonna do a good job but I think all the polls you know well not pollsters but all the talking heads, all the pundits if you will appreciate his media savvy and his ability to control the conversation and you know it was something magical to watch really watch Trump do what  he does best and it worked out. I was listening to NPR and you know again this morning what they were talking about they were talking to some people about you know his fear you know putting fear in people, well that fear got people to vote and the rest of the folks that voted on the left side I think didn’t show up in the numbers that they expected them to but I think whatever Trump’s plan was, he executed well and you Kellyanne Conway  I think his campaign manager I mean people gonna be talking about her and what she’s done for a long time because you know she’s a pollster and you know and they knew what they were doing and they knew what they were doing well and they heard information that they were telling them that and they had a really really good chance but they were being optimistic because you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. This is, it’s big time history I’m glad I stayed up, I’m glad I powered through because watching it real time the one takeaway to those that fell asleep was that I think that I was for a second there I thought this might go on for days and not only that we are talking about 5% of the vote in Michigan and I’m like are they gonna go you know try to find these absentee ballots that’s in play that game.
Radio Host: Exactly what I was thinking Because it took so long and then Hillary is like you know we’ll count these ballots tomorrow how many do we need?
Radio Host: Yeah exactly 87,000 more?
Kevin Rockecharlie:  And it was CBS somebody actually said that it was somebody It was a big name basically goes “yeah they are gonna probably count those absentees” and then somebody kind of said that they are like “how many do we need to where we need to be?”
Radio Host: Unbelievable. When it comes to the economy nearly two thirds of the voters said that the nation’s economic condition is poor or not so good according to CNN exit polls now these folks voted for  Trump to a 2 to 1 margin. Now 36% thought the economy was in excellent shape and that Hillary Clinton secured 77% of voters who felt that way. So I guess this is kind of like if you are watching MSNBC and you are watching CNN it’s glory days. It’s raining money, everyone has a job and it’s great. And if you watch Fox or if you are just in the real world other than Dallas see that’s what get away.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Things are great here. We have such a strong and vibrant and we’ve got a lot of good things going force here.
Radio Host: Do you think in a way Kevin if you live in Dallas, if you work and live in uptown and you see all the development, the bubble right? You seem to think the world is great. And that’s why it’s so liberal because I don’t think they have a true polls of America.
Kevin Rockecharlie: No they don’t. Because you know the true polls is the small business owner and the true polls is the people that are waking up everyday and trying to make payroll.
Radio Host: Good point.
Kevin Rockecharlie: And in the city it is easy to do because we have a vibrant economy, people get out to eat but I think these smaller area, it’s the fear, it’s the what’s happening, it’s the factories that are closing down. I mean if you drive anywhere and you see it.
Radio Host: Michael we were talking this morning if you take Los Angeles, New York or lower Manhattan for the most part, Chicago, you take those three metro areas, you take that population out, he smoked them. Because that’s where the realest her biggest populist vote came from.
Michael: Right. And I was trying to tell Brian that if you take those people out of those metro areas and disperse them in the mid west or in the upper mid west like the Wyoming and all those more rural areas their mindsets will change. And they won’t vote that liberal mob mentality anymore.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Right. And I actually, I live in East Dallas but it borders an area that isn’t quite as affluent. And you know I’ll go shop in the fiestas and I’ll go up in the ….
Radio Host: I know what you are talking about, I’ve been there several times.
Kevin Rockecharlie:  And meat market, I mean I’ll go over there and I shop and when you walk in there I mean you see a very distinct cross section of America. Not only that, you make it out of certain areas of Dallas you know you start moving to the mid cities or places that are all about auspicious displays of wealth better just regular areas and you get a little humbled but when you are in the bubble of the metropolis of certain areas, you are pretty much isolated into what is going on.
Radio Host: Real quickly before we take a break on income, Trump’s strongest supporters were among those earning $50,000 to $100,000. Okay so there’s you middle America right there.
Kevin Rockecharlie: And it’s hard for them to go back to a 20% increase in their healthcare or whatever is You know things are getting more expensive and you know people, you know and wages have stagnated. But you brought up something and I don’t know how much longer we have but you brought up something talking about the real unemployment rate. That’s where you were going and it really is talking about there’s the U3 and the U6 and you know we are basically quoting unemployment numbers all the time that have removed the discouraged worker okay? But when you are looking at real unemployment rates, you know we are talking cruising up to 10% where it’s come down  since the great recession so you know and that’s the thing about living in the bubble. You know when you think everybody is just killing it out there and operating at the highest and best use. That’s not actually what’s going on you got a lot of college kids that are coming out and not you know they went off to college. They are sitting underneath a mortgage of debt. When I say mortgage we are talking a $100,000 and they can’t make it.
Radio Host: And they have several jobs.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah. You know the star their businesses, you know they are entrepreneurial but guys they still live in a mum’s couch.
Radio Host: Yeah there you go. Alright it’s 8:14 we’ll take a break. Come right back, Kevin Rockecharlie with BKM Sowan Horan. I need some coffee, joining us in the studio we’ll be right back.
Radio Host: You like that huh? Alright welcome back 8:19 on this very historic Wednesday morning hanging out with Kevin Rockecharlie with BKM Sowan Horan our official accounting experts on the show. Real quickly turning out attention over to Arlington, voters approve the new Rangers stadium. Congratulations guys you just .  . .
Michael: By a wider margin I thought it would too.
Radio Host: It was by a large margin that was it?
Michael: Yeah it was 60% to 40%.
Radio Host: Oh wow! Well we kind of felt like it was in the past. It was some . . .  there were people against it. Personally I came on the record I’m against it. I don’t want any taxpayers money paying for any kind of private.  .  .
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well it isn’t  when they took a gamble when they built Jerry world out there and it turned out to their benefit and so you know I think that they’ve lined their pockets with some decisions but I think any big decision is a gamble you look years ago when we were trying to get that football stadium built in Dallas. Lora Miller came out and said I can barely give a raise. My police and firefighters I can’t in good conscience get behind you know a trillion dollars of you know stadium and with that all being said Arlington  took that risk and they’ve reaped  rewards from it. So they must know something we don’t know out there.
Radio Host: Yeah. They must know something we don’t. Umm so what do they do  with the old one that’s what I wanna know.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well, let me ask you a question. What do you do with the first domed stadium  in Houston, Texas. Little place called the Astrodome  as that place has been sitting around?
Radio Host: It was sat around forever and I think they are gonna convert it into I think a hotel or something? More of a music park?
Michael: I don’t remember.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah. I mean I grew  up there too. It’s very interesting in the sense that you know they’ve put some money behind you know coming up with alternatives at the end of the day you spend a lot of money building these things up but what do you do with a big colossal stadium once you done with it?
Michael: I heard they were either gonna completely destroy the, the  Rangers ballpark or they are going to partially tear it down maybe just leave the facade.
Radio Host: Mmmh, well the new project could easily cost close to 1.6 billion dollars.
Michael: 1.6 now?
Radio Host: It’s 1.6 according to an WFA investigation they found an actual cost could be closer to 1.6 billion.
Michael: They were saying 900 million to 1 billion.
Radio Host: Alright BKM Sowan Horan, you guys I would imagine we are in November we are closing out the year obviously I know you guys are  busy but you are kind of busier days are ahead into next year.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Absolutely yeah. Well you know our busy season is you know right at the turn of the year but we are not slowing down. Part of our you know we specialize in corporate audit, corporate tax work and so this is what the businesses are just winding up the year. We work with them towards the end of the year to get set up for their compliance needs for the following year so yeah we are at the throws right now we are all you know all men on deck  and we are working hard.
Radio Host: And you know you’ve mentioned an article on WFAA’s website about emails.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah, 5 simple ways to keep your emails from ending up on WikiLeaks.
Radio Host: And you guys work a lot with tech companies. . .
Kevin Rockecharlie: Absolutely we do. And our background really is we are providing insurance reports for various organizations and you know right now I’m working with the  healthcare organization that has an app online. And it’s not so much an app it’s a web based product that they are helping organizations funny enough analyze their healthcare spending. Talking about Obamacare and so this business basically helps organizations get their payer data that’s consumer prescriptions and things like that and we are providing them an insurance report that basically lets their customers know that the software and all the things that it does are you know is doing the things the right way and one of the underpinnings of the software because businesses run on technology and security.
Radio Host: How do we keep all the stuff secure?
Kevin Rockecharlie: How do we keep it secure and what business practices do you put in to give you a lower risk that your organization would be compromised and this can translate to I mean not just large corporations but just Joe taxpayer. I mean just regular people.  I’m not saying. . . I didn’t say the model is don’t be stupid but basically if you take a step back in any situation it is advisable to understand what your risks are and our firm helps organizations of all sizes understand what their risks are and then once those risks are identified we help them mitigate those risks and that is by taking simple steps to put you in a lower risk category so that if bad things were to happen your  likelihood of having an issue is low and so the article on WFAA was pretty much doing the same thing. Talking about what can we do to keep out of harm’s way. And you know there’s really nothing earth-shattering in that.
Radio Host: They are probably concerned over their WikiLeaks tapping into them.
Kevin Rockecharlie: I mean shouldn’t we all?  I mean all of our data is on the cloud right? So I mean it’s only a click away from getting hacked and everyone’s gonna tell you they have their roles best security but really security starts with you. Your security starts with you I mean everybody you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone banging their thumbs onto their phone you can’t drive down the street and not look over to see somebody banging their thumbs on the keyboards.
Radio Host: You know stop lights are the new … let me just send a text real quick. Stop lights are an opportunity for people on their phoneto pick it up and send that email or send that text.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Because they are so important.
Radio Host: Because they are so important and their Facebook status must be updated. That’s what red lights and stop signs have actually become. Kevin Rockecharlie joining us in the studio from BKM Sowan Horan. You know a report came out yesterday that there could be this major cyberattack and if Donald Trump won it would be against the GOP donors and if Hillary CLinton won it would be against the tech companies Facebook, Google, I saw it, did you see that?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah and you know the one thing people have to appreciate though is that a lot of these hacks, I mean the whole idea of hacking it’s knowing what to do in a certain place meaning if you install a piece of software what were the original installed passwords, usernames, I mean hacking is just really understanding how things work and if you from a very beginning understand how the layers were put on top of one another I mean I’m 42 years old  I had a you know a computer when I was six, seven years old and I truly understand about everything there is to know about these things, how they are built how they are layered up and I mean can I hack? Absolutely. Do I know how everything works? Sure. And so that gives me an edge but you know what I’m gonna say back to DNC getting hacked the RNC getting hacked and all these donors getting hacked, listen you can’t just roll in and hack somebody. It’s an overnight you not gonna come out with anything. You can target people and then start working on them and then try to get in the article on the WFAA basically was talking about what is the one way to get in. And I’m gonna tell you and this is true because even speaking with my clients looking at the reports and looking at other security professionals that are coming into vulnerability assessments and coming in and trying to hack truly hack are clients because they have been paid to do it. It’s called Spear phishing  it’s personal attacks. You are tailoring an attack to specifically target a CFO of a company somebody of a high ranking value and sending them a link that they will click on and getting in their trust to that link. And that’s exactly how the Hillary campaign go itself in some hot water.
Radio Host: That’s right 8:28 Kevin Rockecharlie joining us from BKM Sowan Horan we wanna hear from you as well I got a couple of messages on Facebook in regards to the elections last night get your thoughts on that and a whole lot more coming up after the break. You are listening to KEXB your experts in business, we’ll be right back.
Radio Host: Is that Katy Perry?
Michael: Yes. This is to …I’m paying tribute to her and saying to all of her fans to move out of the country.
Radio Host: Okay I was growling  last night whenever her name got mentioned and my son said dad you can still listen to her music you don’t have to support her, you don’t have to follow her political you know …
Michael: That’s right. You can still listen to her without paying for her music and supporting her. Thank God for Napster.
Radio Host: They are one of the founders of Napster actually has a new company we talked about it the other day and I don’t remember what they do. It’s a text based app.
Michael: I forgot that but you are right.
Radio Host: We were talking about spear phishing before the break and just kind of just how easy it is for someone to find about a CEO or somebody in a position that can transfer money.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Think about how much information we put out about us. Think about LinkedIn. I would hope everybody listening to this radio show has a LinkedIn profile I mean it’s your modern day resume online it shows your authority, it shows you know your circle of influence and you know people like to use these social medias and with that all being said so that now I can basically tell who do you know? Oh that’s great. Now I can say well Brian Glenn knows Kevin Rockercharlie and you know he doesn’t hear from me very often but I’m gonna send him an email but maybe it’s not me. But you know from our experience and even back to the 5 ways not to get yourself up in WikiLeaks, your emails from show up in WikiLeaks is one of the thing they talk about is spear phishing  which is pretty much the number one way that your security defense is gonna crumble so your business needs to have a security awareness program and basically reinforcing constantly you know what good business practices are and especially if you are  a high risk employee like a CFO of an organization you know to be very careful about what you do because the thing about spear phishing is this, if measures have not been taken on your company’s resources like the CFO’s computer and that CFO has let’s just say Local administrative rights to his computer. It’s possible for him to click on something. It can install a rogue agent  and then that thing just sits there and watches him.
Radio Host: And you don’t know see before you used to say “hey I got you”. Now it’s so secret they don’t want you to know that they are in your system.
Kevin Rockecharlie: And that’s really what’s going on and so the spear phishing I mean because it’s layers right? Layer one is let’s get to the human. The human is gonna do something for me. Then if I can get to the next layer which maybe the operating system or I can get lower, once you get owned you are owned and these people can do all they wanna do. So that all being said yeah it’s quite impressive and back to technology and people don’t know a lot about a lot of things but you know when you surf the internet that’s travelling over a certain port. Port 80 is what that’s known as and that’s open all day long and just think of you doing go to meetings and things like this. I mean basically the reason you can fire up a GoToMeeting even if you have a draconian firewall is because it’s travelling on open highways which is these ports that are commonly used and so with that all being said your door is open and people just wanna come knock on it and spear phishing is the number one way to do that so again there are risks to all organizations and you just need to know what those risks are because I personally believe that we are sitting here today talking about Donald Trump because of poor security concerns by you know by a lot of people and you know it definitely worked in his favor you know maybe we have to think James Conway but that’s a whole another conversation.
Radio Host: Yes. A whole another conversation. Well you know there’s a lot of conversation that we are having all because he talked about immigration and the control of all that I mean that’s the reason why  that’s even an issue. I mean if you . . .said made those remarks about all that people coming over here could be murderers and rapers you know it wouldn’t be on any agenda.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well think about our country and our workforce in its entirety. I mean is it beneficial for America to have low skilled wages? Low skill wage employees come over so they can do the job nobody else wants to do? That’s valuable but think about all the people up the food chain that have lost the opportunity to work. If you are not an … the you know the $100,000 employee that basically can’t go get that wage anymore because of a low skilled coming in and if you have an unemployment rate that’s topping the true unemployment rate that is you know 10% then we have all these disenfranchised people that can’t get a job I mean I personally think let’s put people to work that are here first so that we can get them employed and then we can create opportunity for others and I think that’s connecting with people.
Radio Host: Absolutely and I think this whole sentiment of taking care of schools and third world countries I was like airports aren’t a big concern for me but it’s schools, we should never see a vet .  .. you know what to be honest with you, we shouldn’t see any homeless people. If you choose to be homeless, if you wanna be homeless and you really don’t want help, I can’t help you. I don’t know what to do for you, if you just wanna sit out there. But people who want help we should be able to give them.
Kevin Rockecharlie: . And we should throw our resources towards them first because it’s great to go down central America and you know fix the eyeballs of children that can’t get help anywhere else but there’s a lot of you know issues here that we need to clean up and the first … business identify them and then addressing them and so we’ll see what happens.
Radio Host: So let’s say you own the flower shop which by the way I gotta put a call into our flower shop which by the way was scheduled to come on to the 7 o’clock hour I don’t know what happened. Perhaps they stayed up too late watching the elections.
Kevin Rockecharlie: I think a lot of people do. The roads were looking good.
Radio Host: Yeah. They were actually. You know it’s funny you say that I feel like a lot of people it’s almost like a national holiday today and it’s okay if you come in a little tired and late because we all know you were up late watching it. But what does it mean to the small business owner? What does it mean with can I move forward on my capital improvement, can I move forward on knocking this wall out and the space next to me and taking it over and investing in equipment and capital, what does it mean through my health insurance plan?
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well you know right now businesses I think who are making plans either way but for the most part I think that we are gonna have less regulation. You know obviously it’s been telecasted that Trump’s gonna be basically finding ways to pump more money into the economy by finding opportunities to lower taxes to repatriate the billions of dollars that Apple and other organizations have in foreign bank accounts and so I mean I think that you know for a while, you know we are gonna see turbulence in the markets obviously that’s gonna happen but stay the course and basically I mean businesses keep going no matter what the politics are and if Hillary would have got in the office I mean things weren’t gonna change too much. So I think we are looking a regulatory environment that is going to be advantageous to the small business owner and I think that not only that tax plans that I’ve talked about and of course not implemented are talking about putting more dollars into the pockets of the average American The repeal of Obamacare. I mean Obamacare obviously … a good thing to a certain extent because we are getting more people covered so you know moving in a way from pre existing conditions I mean there’s a lot of benefits towards Obamacare.
Radio Host: There was a lot of stuff on that I liked about Obamacare.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Absolutely. I mean you were getting free physicals. I mean isn’t that great? But that all being said I think that we are a lot of opportunity is being created to push and drive more dollars in the pockets of the average consumer and have a regulatory environment that is decreasing you know American energy independence. I mean there are a  lot of winners economically I believe from this new president.
Radio Host: And when you look at the markets what do you know? The DOW the SMP turned positive after opening lower, now it is down the DOW, the SMP and the NASTEC both are down fractionally I would say that not even half of one percent but this is just.  .  .
Kevin Rockecharlie: It’s just an excuse to move the markets but at the same time you have to remember that whatever the market was at was based upon certain …
Radio Host: It was already built in.
Kevin Rockecharlie: It was already built in so now we are just pulling back and now we just have an excuse to do that and as anybody well knows stay the course, don’t get rushed, things are gonna work itself out but Jim Cramer was on last night. CNBC wasn’t back to what did I watch?  I watched it.
Radio Host: I didn’t …
Kevin Rockecharlie: It was amazing yeah. What was interesting back to you know the odds makers if you will like you heard various major media people on you know NBC, CBS, ABC talking about what was going on in the DOW and those are the canaries in the gold mine,so they are basically making those to get in front of  things. So what did … on CNBC? He’s on and we are watching you know the Dow Future go down at the time 300, 500 you go up to 700 and what  Cramer said was “Guys stay the course but tomorrow and the next day find opportunity of not necessarily in your lifetime but huge buying opportunities.” We all know what’s gonna happen so you wanna buy something? You know if you’ve been eyeing some stocks that you wanna get in? Hey this would be a good time to get in.
Radio Host: It would be a good day to get in. Okay. We gotta take a break, Kevin Rockecharlie joining us I gotta get to a couple of messages I’ve received on Facebook in regards to the election and their thoughts on their results. If you have a small business or  you work for a small company and you guys are excited about this Donald Trump . .  . Give us a call 214-787-1160. Tell you what it’s 8:43 hope you commute … you can tell I’m having a mental meltdown because of this fasting for this medical wellness check.
Michael: Hey Kevin. If I had any leftover money at this point to invest after all the medical expenses that I’ve had during checks, yeah I would be going out and buying stocks today.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah good idea!
Radio Host: Good idea. Alright give us a few minutes we’ll come right back.
Radio Host: Alright we are back just wrapping up our conversation here on 620AM KEXB you know Kevin may not know that this show has been compared to the Mallet. Because we are all business in front we are a pat in the back oh yeah. And we are actually putting together some new music for this new branding. and .. branding we are just having some fun with it. We are like the mallet. You know we are,  it’s good. We also talk about everything else in general. I like this whole conversation we’ve had about celebrities moving out of the country. You know it’s so bad. It’s just so bad I don’t know how I can live any longer here it’s just so bad. I can’t wait to see what the fallout is today on social media and as talk shows hopefully they probably want to bring this up. So I gotta ask you so when you go to work today Kevin, how is your world gonna change now that Donald Trump is president of the United States. I mean is it gonna be the chat in the office? Does Rick and those guys…
Kevin Rockecharlie: I’m not gonna speak for anybody else’s political decisions. Can I tell you and I think it’s probably the same thing that we have a very diverse group in our office and so let’s just say that my office is a cross section of the vote last night. You know when you look at it, I mean come on it’s 51% – 49%. I mean when you really look at the percentages I mean America is amazing. And it’s a true split and so I will tell you that in our office we are about 50% to 50%. You know we got half the people going one way half the people going the other way you know maybe it can be a 60% – 40% but I think everybody respects everybody else’s decision and so I think people will talk in the office but I think at the same time people you know no one’s rubbing anything in anybody’s face.
Michael: People will talk believe me. It will be the best greatest talk ever. People will talk.
Radio Host: I’m gonna be very humble. Like you notice I didn’t get on Facebook I called it, told you it’s gonna be a runaway I didn’t do that.
Michael: No you didn’t brag or anything.
Radio Host: I was actually kind of … I tried to be classy.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Keep it classy.
Radio Host: Check this out. Facebook on its newsfeed ads that you get will now take you to messenger so you can talk to the … I think this is genius in other words. You are on your Facebook feed and remember the other day I searched for electric skateboard.
Kevin Rockecharlie: I’ve totally seen your cool .. but you are 40’s be careful. I mean you got your …
Radio Host: You know what happens when you break your hip? Your whole life goes to … in a life basket. But since I was on, I’m starting to see all of a sudden Facebook feed ads for electric skateboards.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Oh it’s creepy, they are watching you.
Radio Host: They are watching you but this new advertising feature allows users to go into messenger and talk to the advertisers and the brands directly. Let me tell you something, that is huge.
Kevin Rockecharlie: That is big.
Radio Host: Could you imagine so I can click on a pair of shoes and actually talk to hey do you have my size? Yes. Well I can ship them out. I mean you could directly talk to your customer. I think it’s huge and Facebook is once again …
Kevin Rockecharlie: There are companies changing the world. I mean Facebook is one of them I mean that’s the thing. Look at the things around you that we use and they are changing your world. Let’s bring it back home AT &T for a second right? AT&T is making a play for they made a play for DIRECTv they are looking at who did they just buy, they bought anyway they bought Time Warner right?
Radio Host: Yeah they are looking for a content provider.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah it was some… but what do they want? They want to connect with you. They wanna connect with you. They wanna see what you are watching, what you are doing and they are done through their medium, that’s Facebook, that’s the LinkedIns of the world that’s the Apples of the world. Because Apple made a quick switch to Apple maps that was  a disaster but what did they get? Even by selling you a disaster they can see what you were going
Radio Host: Do you have a Snapchat account?
Kevin Rockecharlie: I am on no social media with the exception of LinkedIn.
Radio Host: Okay well you are a smart man.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well I know the dangers of what that can do. I’m in that business and so  think everything has it’s place but at the same time beware because the more you put out the more that’s out there.
Radio Host: Well the Snap IPOs set for next set to be huge in the words of Donald Trump back in 2013 when Snapchat first came on. They had about 120,000 users now they have reportedly 150 million daily users and they have a value of around 20 billion dollars.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah and so what are you gonna do with that Snapchat. You just take some videos send them around?
Radio Host: Well here’s . ..  I’ll kind of give you an example. Of all the social media we have, Snapchat is probably my favorite and because I’m gonna show you here. I’m gonna do a little  …
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well, so how much did you pay for Snapchat?
Radio Host: It’s free.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah and so how . ..
Radio Host: Look, look it’s an ad. That’s what they do they have these filters in here. That’s the American flag. I have a cut on my head but what’s happening is these companies are getting involved in Snapchat and advertising and doing all the very creative ways that you can incorporate your brand into this app. So it’s slashed on just like Facebook did in the early time, got kids involved just like Instagram got involved, it gets its kids involved in the app  …
Kevin Rockecharlie: But look at Twitter right now, Facebook is a cornerstone because it is basically is you. Facebook well people would say that Facebook is you. Well, Snapchat is a tool right? I mean it’s one of the legs of the stool if you will but look at Twitter. They are having a big problem.
Radio Host: They are not gaining users at all. I think they are losing users. What do you know? The Dow  is up 51.84 SMP is up 3 and NASTEC is up 5. So all of a sudden, all this panic last night . . .
Michael: Let’s wait till Wednesday next week to really say that there’s any kind of reaction.
Radio Host: It’s just kind of funny how last night it was just see the markets are already reacting negatively to this.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well look at Brexit. I mean you know again this is Brexit 2.0 but at the same time a lot of those things happened over in the UK but you know I think that there’s gotta be a new world order to a certain extent and you know it’s kind of gonna be kind of a reset and not from a dark mystery new world order but basically I think that you know there’s a lot of populism going on right now but people are concerned about the sovereignty of their countries first and you know what that’s called? It’s called taking care of business.
Radio Host: I mean it’s in the  show at 8:55 because it’s all  about taking care of business. And we have gone so long of not taking care of our business and taking care of everyone else’s business and putting them the priority in our lives instead of the American people. By the way it looks like Florida also, okay for medical pot use. I saw that. Once again another reason why I hate Florida. Actually it looks like we are peeing on Cuba for one thing. But I wanna thank Florida for the victory last night though.
Michael: And Pennsylvania. We probably couldn’t have done it without Florida because of Pennsylvania.
Radio Host: Iowa, Pennsylvania, that was a big one.
Michael: Yeah. Those are the ones that slipped.
Radio Host: California, Oregon, Washington. . .
Michael: Wisconsin for sure that’s the big one.
Radio Host: That your taxes and …
Kevin Rockecharlie: . . .your regulations.
Radio Host: Your regulations and businesses are moving in North Texas because of that. So keep it up.
Michael: And they are just about to call Arizona and that will put Trump at 290.
Radio Host: Yeah I mean, landslide. This is a landslide.
Michael: You would call this a landslide some people are going to nitpick and say that 47. 6% to 47.5% popular vote is not a landslide but you know.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well it is electoral college and then again you know if this was on . . .
Michael: I know it is. You know it is.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Well if this was liberal media we would be sitting here Hillary Clinton wins by landslide.
Michael: Or all the Bernie-Hillary supporters that show up on my news feed.
Radio Host: Well, Donald Trump won 53% to 44% over Hillary. Now specifically let me go . . . my county that I’m in. I’m just curious where Collin County where we at here.
Michael: Yeah tell me.
Radio Host: Here we go. Donald Trump won 56% of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 39%. And where you at?
Michael:  Ellis County,  want me to tell you what that is?
Radio Host: Did you have your?
Michael: 71% to 25%.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Wow. See those are outsiders. Those are the people not in the stakes  but the further out you get, the further the margin you see and in the major metropolis it’s gonna be obviously …
Michael: We’ve got some beautiful stakes out there outside.
Radio Host: Dallas Hillary won 61% to 35%.
Kevin Rockecharlie: Yeah absolutely.
Radio Host: Dallas County, big time. And Gary Johnson getting 23,854 votes. I will see you back here tomorrow bright and early right here 620AM KEXB your experts in business have a great day people.

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